Bry had an entire day off today. No work. No academy. No appointments. I reserved my mom a few weeks ago to watch Jax for a few hours during his afternoon nap so Bry and I could go on a date today! I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to some one on one time with my handsome husband. It’s been WAY too long. The best part about scheduling dates during naps/after bedtime is that I miss Jax a lot less knowing he’s snoozing away not missing us 🙂

We originally planned to go to a romantic lunch. But after eating out quite a bit on our road trip to Rhode Island I wanted to do something more active. So I thought about golfing. Until I saw the insane tee fees (side note: there’s currently a cold front here + insane wind so we’re very lucky we didn’t waste over $50 to watch our balls fly even further away from the hole).

We ended up deciding to bike one of my favorite running trails here. It goes from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC and has a ton of scenery changes along the way. I love to run on it but Bry is a pooper when it comes to out and back runs and I’m not running 7 miles anytime soon (which is how long the entire trail is). We headed out at 10am and it took us just over an hour and a half to bike to DC and back.


Going there was a breeze. A really, really cold breeze. My hands were so numb I couldn’t move them. I regretted not grabbing gloves from the car before we left. Unfortunately the way back was all uphill. I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not. It took every ounce of willpower not to give up, call Uncle and make Bry drag my corpse back to the car. We trucked along slowwwwwwwwwwly. I was grateful for the bag of sharkies in my camelbak that gave me the much needed boost to help me finish. We ended our date with Thai food on the living room floor catching up on White Collar.


When Jackson woke up we played for a few hours and ran some errands. Before we knew it it was bedtime. Jax went down and we pulled the pumpkins off the front porch to carve. Pumpkin carving epitomizes the differences between my husband and I. He sat there diligently reading the directions that came with the carving knives while I dove in with no real set plan. He doubted how my pumpkin would turn out and I regretted not splurging on a big girl sized pumpkin instead of the free pie pumpkins we got from the fall festival.

A few hours later I was pretty happy with our results. My mini mummy and Bry’s headless horseman didn’t turn out half bad. I did end up breaking my carving knife & stabbing myself 3 times (I even drew blood).


Neither did the 3 types of pumpkin seeds I cooked afterward: Chili powder + cayenne, salt, and cinnamon + sugar. Mmmmmmmmm mmmm good.


Now it’s time for bed. I’m exhausted and my butt is still numb. Tomorrow’s run should be a fun one.


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