2nd Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

This week Jackson’s fought a nasty cold and learned to say “mwah” when he kisses or blows kisses. It’s his new favorite thing and as you can imagine, spending 24/7 with him, I’m usually the subject of his kisses. Don’t get me wrong, it melts my heart, cracks me up and fills me with endless love but snotty kisses from your sick toddler all day long leaves a preggo mama with the same congestion her little one’s fighting. My favorite mwah kisses are the ones he gives to baby 🙂

Despite yet another cold in our house I managed to get out for one long run, a surprising 6 miler on Sunday! I took it easy namely because of a trip to the ER Wednesday night after the pain I was having in my abdomen got so severe my mom came to watch Jax Wednesday night so I could go for my usual run and instead found my crying in the dining room from such severe pain. Gummy is fine, measuring a week ahead with a strong HR of 160bpm! No clue as to the gender still. As for the pain the doctor thinks I pulled a muscle, not from running but from carrying/playing/clowning around with my crazy toddler. So I took it easy last week and worked on bending at the knees every time I needed to pick Jax up.

Monday I also chopped my hair off again.

Before: Finally able to put it in a ponytail

6e3eec02456211e392b622000a1fb73b_8After: Holy short hair

And finally this week’s belly pic:

16 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain: Down .2lbs this week (currently 113lbs) <— had 2 bouts of puking this week. Fun stuff.

Best moment this week: Jackson learning to say “mwah” while kissing baby. *heartmelted*
Miss Anything? Going over an hour without having to pee. It’s cramping my sleep style.
Movement: A few kicks and wiggles here and there and a major roll the other night which I’m hoping was baby flipping head down since our tech from the ER described Gummy as “breechlie”. Not cool, kid. Not cool.
Food cravings: Hot sauce, french toast, McD’s french fries, Taco Bell soft beef tacos, McDs breakfast burritos with picante sauce <—-I think I’ve had these once in my life
Symptoms: A constant need to pee. Exhaustion. Endless weepiness over the craziest things.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Very emotional.
Looking forward to: Hearing Gummy’s HB at our OB appt tomorrow and finding out the gender already!!!



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