Weeks 17-18 AND It’s a…

17 Weeks

17 weeksShort & sweet: No more Zofran, much less MS & 3 solid runs including a pregnancy PDR I never thought I’d reach.

IMG_20131115_085600Cravings have been strong for Starbucks decaf caramel lattes & bags upon bags of trail mix daily.

And we found out we’re expecting…..A BABY BOY!

20131119_153008We are thrilled to bring ANDREW WESTON into our family this April and watch Jackson with a baby brother 🙂
18 Weeks

18 weekskisses for baby brotherCame down with a cold that Jax had for a few weeks. I took a few days off running after feeling sluggish and weighed down and came back feeling strong. Still devouring trail mix by the bag full & downing caramel lattes (I blame the cold weather). Excited to go to TX this week to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws, run a 5 miler Turkey Trot with my BIL & future SIL and spend time with our families (while stuffing our faces with delicious Southern grub).

Officially up 1.4lbs (2.2lbs this week), the belly has popped and I feel movement frequently. Andrew is currently breech, lying sideways across me which makes for some incredibly uncomfortable kicks, jabs and somersaults…and lots of pressure all night long making me have to pee. But overall I’m finally in the sweet spot of pregnancy and loving the ability to finally call this little boy by his name 😀


4 thoughts on “Weeks 17-18 AND It’s a…

  1. Just found your blog and I think it’s so fun! I feel like I relate. When I was prego and my midwife told me I had to stop the zofran I started sobbing….so she gave me more. haha!

    ps. I think my belly sticks out more than yours and I’m not even 18 weeks pregnant! way to be!

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