Goodbye Second Trimester: Weeks 26 & 27

Week 26:

26 weeks 2Workouts:

Wednesday: 40m cardio & toning prenatal DVD + leg circuit
Thursday: 20m prenatal yoga
Friday: 50m What to Expect When You’re Expecting DVD
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 2mi walk
Monday: 40m online prenatal Barre3 class
Tuesday: Rest

Week 27:

27 weeks


Wednesday: 20m circuit
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 25m prenatal yoga
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 30m circuit
Monday: 80m hike (~3+ miles)
Tuesday: 1600m swim (1mi)

Cravings: Donuts, ice cream, chocolate, milk, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, FRUIT, peanut butter

Symptoms: Lower back pain, cramping, discharge (TMI- you’re welcome), a strong desire for a mid-day naptime

Best moment this week: Feeling Andrew’s little leg or arm on my right side last night. It about sent me into a heart melting breakdown of tears it was so amazing. Sometimes I forget these little wiggles, rolls, jabs and pokes are from a little boy we’ll get to hold in 13ish weeks! I’m so excited!

Looking forward to: Our next sono in a week and a half! And getting the gestational diabetes test OVER with.

Total weight gain: 12.6lbs (+.6lbs this week)


Food & Fitness Tuesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted my eats. I’ve gotten a few questions about how and what I eat while pregnant. The truth is, I don’t follow any plan. I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry (and sometimes when I’m not–oops) and try to have a healthy mix of indulging in my cravings and feeding the baby nutritious food. Sometimes I eat more sweets than vegetables but that’s life.

Breakfast: Blueberry protein waffle with chia seeds topped with defrosted blueberries, syrup & Earth Balance butter

waffle50 minutes of What to Expect When You’re Expecting workout DVD: 30 minutes of cardio + 10 minutes thighs & buns + 10 minutes core. Hard work with 2 sidekicks πŸ™‚

20140110_085142Post-workout snack: Blueberry greek yogurt

20140110_094750Lunch: Leftover sweet potato & black bean chili topped with avocado, a leftover turkey tenderloin & a handful of multigrain Tostitos

20140110_105903Afternoon Snacks: Pineapple, a TJ’s chocolate fiber bar, hot cocoa w/ whipped cream + chocolate chips and a slice of egg white vegetable casserole topped with feta & salsa (we ate lunch at 11am so there were lots of afternoon snacks between lunch and dinner at 5)

20140110_14475820140110_15034220140110_145344Dinner: Sushi (seaweed salad, 5/8 pieces of a Boston roll (cooked shrimp, avocado, green onion, cucumber) and 2/8 pieces of a caterpillar roll (cooked eel, avocado, cucumber)—I felt unusually & uncomfortably full really fast. I think it’s from how big and how high Andrew/the belly lie (when I sit it’s almost right under my bra line).

20140110_16503820140110_165025Dessert: A banana topped w/ TJ’s natural PB and a cup of fat free milk (I’ve been having a banana before bed every night this week to prevent leg cramps from a potassium deficit–it’s working!)


& at least 4 of these bad boys + 1(or more) overnight) I cannot get enough water these days. Hopefully it helps my milk supply & I have no problems in that department this time around! Wishful thinking. At the very least it’s good for me, baby & keeping away Braxton Hicks.


Everyday my meals & eats are different. Sometimes I have larger meals, sometimes smaller. Sometimes more snacks, sometimes less. Sometimes less vegetables, sometimes more sweets. In general I try to eat a good balance for myself & for my growing babe.

Second Pregnancy: Weeks 24 & 25

Week 24:

IMG_20140101_120515I spent Christmas week eating copious amounts of chocolate (& anything sugar related) and moving as little as possible. I attempted one 1.5mi run that left me feeling physically ready to hang up my running shoes. Mentally, I’m having a harder time with it all. I ran through 33 weeks pregnant with Jax and then walked 2 miles almost daily thereafter. But at the end of the day my little boy’s health and safety is the number one priority. I’ll lose some fitness, some stamina, some endurance but I’ve come back afterwards stronger than before and I know I can, and will, do it again. Right now my priority is growing Andrew until APRIL!

Week 25:

25 weeksI’ve replaced running with eating constantly and well, HOLY BABY BELLY! I’ll be honest, this bump is BIG. But I also know Andrew is already bigger than Jax was, is measuring 2+ weeks ahead and that I’m lucky to have a belly to reflect the healthy little boy inside. Woah mama though, it’s getting harder to breathe when I lift Jax, I can’t pick things off the floor anymore without almost suffocating from the belly going into my throat and I get twinges of almost painfulness when I twist, turn or move too fast. Fun stuff at only 25 weeks pregnant.

Exercise this week:

Wednesday: 60m yoga class at the gym that I participated in for maybe half of. It was a regular, flow yoga class I thought I could easily do but truth was there was much too much to be modified that I felt really uncomfortable pushing myself to do. Prenatal yoga DVDs at home it is!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 20 minutes of prenatal weight circuit at home.

Saturday: 20 minutes of prenatal yoga at home

Sunday: 20 minutes of prenatal weight circuit at home

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute prenatal Barre3 class online

I had my regular OB appointment Monday and my doctor wants me to stay on limited activity/modified bedrest at least through 28 weeks when Andrew is considered viable. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my pregnant running days are over but trying to stay active (while listening to my body, obviously) in other ways. I’ll admit the stretching from yoga feels soooooooooo good. I didn’t realize how tight my hips were until I started stretching them out. And man, I didn’t realize how big my belly was until the day after leg workouts. I have a built in weight I seem to forget about.

Still craving donuts, cinnamon rolls, sour sweets, bagel sandwiches and cheesecake. & I wonder why the belly has grown so much πŸ˜‰

Total weight gain: 11.4lbs (+1.6lbs this week)

Pregnancy #2: Weeks 19-23

As the year has come to an end I’ve started to take a step back from all things electronic and began focusing more on myself, my family & this beautiful little miracle growing inside me.Β  I often feel conflicted when I post blog entries.Β  There’s this huge part of me that loves to write and the idea of documenting parts of my life to reflect back on in the future is what truly drives me to continue posting (however sporadically). But there are times I think about Jackson, the things I share about him & my family, the special moments and part of me feels the need to hold back, to shelter it inside, to protect it from the outside world. It’s probably a good portion of pregnancy hormones but between my constant inner battle of what to and what not to share, and life just becoming hectic, this little space inside the interweb has taken a backseat.

The past few weeks have included spending Thanksgiving in Texas with my in-laws (inclusive of running my first ever pregnant race, a 5 miler that I somehow came in 3rd place for–for all pregnant runners, not 3rd place overall. I am NOT fast), lots and lots of indulgence in the sweets category, many more meals eaten out than in, hours of endless playing with my sweet (way too quickly growing) not-so-little boy, a brief scare with baby number 2 that put my fitness on the back burner just a week after I renewed my gym membership. Isn’t that how it always works? Lately life has included lots of bed rest and minimal movement. But it’s also included much needed family time & more moments of reflection.

Week 19:

19 WeekSpent the week in Texas celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws, running a 5 mile Turkey Trot with my brother-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law, painting Santa at a girl’s night painting class & generally relaxing while endlessly raiding my in-laws overflowing pantry of junky goodness.

1466054_10103909267628210_543538403_n& family pictures

1016860_10201328558595664_680107553_n& watching Jackson enjoy his first moon bounce!IMG_2395
Week 20:

20 weeksIt was hard getting back to reality after a week with Bry off, surrounded by family & constant food. I made it on one speedy (for me) 4 mile run & called it a week πŸ˜‰

Week 21:

21 WeeksThis week I renewed my gym membership! 1 outdoor 4 mile run & a 5 mile dreadmill run. I’ll never enjoy running on those things but it beats not running. I also made a triumphant return to my yoga mat…TWICE!

Week 22:

22 weeksAnother 4 mile run + 1 mile walk on the gym’s dreadmill & my first pregnant BodyPump class. Despite lowering weights this left me sore for 4 days straight. Owie! I ended this week in the hospital with contractions & spent my first night away from Jackson 😦 Luckily Andrew is doing fantastic & they’re not quite sure what’s going on. Taking it easy is my newest prescription. Andrew weighed in at a whopping 1lb 5oz on the sono. BIG boy.

Week 23:

IMG_20131225_052934Our very last Christmas as a family of 3 πŸ™‚ Nothing but bedrest this week & lots of over indulgence. 3 cinnamon rolls for a morning snack? Don’t mind if I do!

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain: 9lbs
Best moment this week: Seeing Andrew in 4D πŸ™‚
Miss Anything? Running. Feeling less worried about whether this boy will come early.
Movement: A gymnast, kicking machine during regular intervals now!

Food cravings: Finally kicked the McD’s desire and replaced it with a constant craving for DONUTS, cinnamon rolls and all things chocolate.
Symptoms: A constant need to pee. Exhaustion. Occasionally horrible lower pressure which scares the heck out of me, cramping & lower back pain.
Belly Button in or out? It’s currently in an in-between stage. Pretty much flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Our next sono, hopefully passing the gestational diabetes test & getting to full term πŸ˜‰

2014 Goals

Life has been a bit insane lately, for lack of a better term. We’ve literally been flying by the seat of our pants with so many life transitions happening at once. I promise I’ll update more about everything later, including catching up with baby updates (we’re halfway through week 24 already!! Insane!) But in the meantime I wanted to write down some goals for this year.


2014 is a huge year for us. It’s the year we’ll officially become a family of 4, the year we meet our littlest family member and the year Jackson becomes a big brother. It’s also the year Bryan more officially gets into his life career, the year we watch our oldest baby turn 2, and another year to learn & grow as a family. I’m so excited for everything this year has to offer!


1. Have a healthy, happy baby in April. Meaning not only do I need to severely cut back on the desserts (6 cookies in a sitting and 5 donuts is NOT healthy for anyone, even if you’re eating for 2…especially if you’re eating for 2!). I want to listen to my body. After going into preterm labor right before Christmas I haven’t run since. It isn’t worth the risk of Andrew’s health. I do want to get back into the gym even if it’s for treadmill walks, modified spin & my favorite, BodyPump! I also want to start more home workouts by continuing prenatal yoga and adding in some at home prenatal strength circuits & cardio DVDs. I want to try to sweat more but remember that I don’t have to push myself as hard as I used to, growing a human is work enough! And to be proud of even the little accomplishments, like just stretching it out for 20 minutes even if it doesn’t give me the same accomplished feeling as running 5 sub-10 minute miles. Being a mom, growing a baby with my body, that’s superhuman enough πŸ˜‰ And again, I want to give birth in APRIL, not a day sooner thankyouverymuch little boy.


2. Budget! & stick to it. We’re very good about saving money. It helps when you don’t have much to spend πŸ˜‰ Our biggest expense is food and man do we spend way too much on it.Β  There are aspects of our food budget that I want to focus on keeping: spending money on wholesome, sometimes organic, healthy, namely from the earth foods. I feel good about spending a bit more on foods I know are good for my body & my family. But we also spend far too much money on eating out. Between busy schedules & pregnancy cravings it’s gotten insane lately. Not only do I want to reign in the eating out to cut back on the unnecessary expense & stop wasting that wholesome food we spend money on at Trader Joe’s each week,Β  but I want to cut back on the unnecessary preservatives, chemicals & grossness that goes along with it. Right before I got pregnant with Andrew we were doing amazing! We’d spent 2 months without eating out even once. We saved a lot of money & felt extremely healthy & good in our own bodies. I’d like to get back to that, especially as a career change means a big cut in pay.

3. Disconnect More. The more I progress in pregnancy & have been forced to slow down, the more I realize I was missing out on by constantly trying to “do it all”. It doesn’t always matter if the dishes are clean, the floor is swept or I even brushed my hair that day. Jackson doesn’t care. He does care that I spend some dedicated time every single day with the computer & cell phone put away and all my focus just on him. Disconnecting makes me appreciate even more how fast he’s growing, how smart he is and how blessed I am to be his mama. It makes me tear up thinking about how big my little boy is getting and how fast it’s all flying by. In 15, 20, 50 years from now it won’t matter how many miles I ran, what we ate for dinner or whether I checked my email. The only thing that’ll matter are the memories I made with my family and the bond we deepened.


4. Run another Half. We deferred our half marathon entry for the Baltimore Half last year for October 2014 since I was dying of insane morning sickness and in no shape to train or run 13.1 this past Oct. My goal is to start training again once Andrew gets here, to listen to my body during it but to run my second half with my handsome husband. I want to finish strong, hopefully faster than our 1st half, and hug my 2 beautiful boys at the finish line. Running and training with Jackson after he was born was such a wonderful thing for me I really look forward to doing it again this year. It’s great physically & mentally and I truly believe it helped me never get postpartum depression.


Nothing mindblowing or life altering but those are my goals for the coming year. I hope to be happy & healthy and make the mostΒ  of each and every day.