Pregnancy #2: Weeks 19-23

As the year has come to an end I’ve started to take a step back from all things electronic and began focusing more on myself, my family & this beautiful little miracle growing inside me.  I often feel conflicted when I post blog entries.  There’s this huge part of me that loves to write and the idea of documenting parts of my life to reflect back on in the future is what truly drives me to continue posting (however sporadically). But there are times I think about Jackson, the things I share about him & my family, the special moments and part of me feels the need to hold back, to shelter it inside, to protect it from the outside world. It’s probably a good portion of pregnancy hormones but between my constant inner battle of what to and what not to share, and life just becoming hectic, this little space inside the interweb has taken a backseat.

The past few weeks have included spending Thanksgiving in Texas with my in-laws (inclusive of running my first ever pregnant race, a 5 miler that I somehow came in 3rd place for–for all pregnant runners, not 3rd place overall. I am NOT fast), lots and lots of indulgence in the sweets category, many more meals eaten out than in, hours of endless playing with my sweet (way too quickly growing) not-so-little boy, a brief scare with baby number 2 that put my fitness on the back burner just a week after I renewed my gym membership. Isn’t that how it always works? Lately life has included lots of bed rest and minimal movement. But it’s also included much needed family time & more moments of reflection.

Week 19:

19 WeekSpent the week in Texas celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws, running a 5 mile Turkey Trot with my brother-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law, painting Santa at a girl’s night painting class & generally relaxing while endlessly raiding my in-laws overflowing pantry of junky goodness.

1466054_10103909267628210_543538403_n& family pictures

1016860_10201328558595664_680107553_n& watching Jackson enjoy his first moon bounce!IMG_2395
Week 20:

20 weeksIt was hard getting back to reality after a week with Bry off, surrounded by family & constant food. I made it on one speedy (for me) 4 mile run & called it a week 😉

Week 21:

21 WeeksThis week I renewed my gym membership! 1 outdoor 4 mile run & a 5 mile dreadmill run. I’ll never enjoy running on those things but it beats not running. I also made a triumphant return to my yoga mat…TWICE!

Week 22:

22 weeksAnother 4 mile run + 1 mile walk on the gym’s dreadmill & my first pregnant BodyPump class. Despite lowering weights this left me sore for 4 days straight. Owie! I ended this week in the hospital with contractions & spent my first night away from Jackson 😦 Luckily Andrew is doing fantastic & they’re not quite sure what’s going on. Taking it easy is my newest prescription. Andrew weighed in at a whopping 1lb 5oz on the sono. BIG boy.

Week 23:

IMG_20131225_052934Our very last Christmas as a family of 3 🙂 Nothing but bedrest this week & lots of over indulgence. 3 cinnamon rolls for a morning snack? Don’t mind if I do!

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain: 9lbs
Best moment this week: Seeing Andrew in 4D 🙂
Miss Anything? Running. Feeling less worried about whether this boy will come early.
Movement: A gymnast, kicking machine during regular intervals now!

Food cravings: Finally kicked the McD’s desire and replaced it with a constant craving for DONUTS, cinnamon rolls and all things chocolate.
Symptoms: A constant need to pee. Exhaustion. Occasionally horrible lower pressure which scares the heck out of me, cramping & lower back pain.
Belly Button in or out? It’s currently in an in-between stage. Pretty much flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Our next sono, hopefully passing the gestational diabetes test & getting to full term 😉


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