Second Pregnancy: Weeks 24 & 25

Week 24:

IMG_20140101_120515I spent Christmas week eating copious amounts of chocolate (& anything sugar related) and moving as little as possible. I attempted one 1.5mi run that left me feeling physically ready to hang up my running shoes. Mentally, I’m having a harder time with it all. I ran through 33 weeks pregnant with Jax and then walked 2 miles almost daily thereafter. But at the end of the day my little boy’s health and safety is the number one priority. I’ll lose some fitness, some stamina, some endurance but I’ve come back afterwards stronger than before and I know I can, and will, do it again. Right now my priority is growing Andrew until APRIL!

Week 25:

25 weeksI’ve replaced running with eating constantly and well, HOLY BABY BELLY! I’ll be honest, this bump is BIG. But I also know Andrew is already bigger than Jax was, is measuring 2+ weeks ahead and that I’m lucky to have a belly to reflect the healthy little boy inside. Woah mama though, it’s getting harder to breathe when I lift Jax, I can’t pick things off the floor anymore without almost suffocating from the belly going into my throat and I get twinges of almost painfulness when I twist, turn or move too fast. Fun stuff at only 25 weeks pregnant.

Exercise this week:

Wednesday: 60m yoga class at the gym that I participated in for maybe half of. It was a regular, flow yoga class I thought I could easily do but truth was there was much too much to be modified that I felt really uncomfortable pushing myself to do. Prenatal yoga DVDs at home it is!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 20 minutes of prenatal weight circuit at home.

Saturday: 20 minutes of prenatal yoga at home

Sunday: 20 minutes of prenatal weight circuit at home

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute prenatal Barre3 class online

I had my regular OB appointment Monday and my doctor wants me to stay on limited activity/modified bedrest at least through 28 weeks when Andrew is considered viable. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my pregnant running days are over but trying to stay active (while listening to my body, obviously) in other ways. I’ll admit the stretching from yoga feels soooooooooo good. I didn’t realize how tight my hips were until I started stretching them out. And man, I didn’t realize how big my belly was until the day after leg workouts. I have a built in weight I seem to forget about.

Still craving donuts, cinnamon rolls, sour sweets, bagel sandwiches and cheesecake. & I wonder why the belly has grown so much 😉

Total weight gain: 11.4lbs (+1.6lbs this week)


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