2nd Pregnancy: Weeks 28 & 29

Being on bed rest has equated to a ton of reading on the iPad Bry won in a raffle at work and I somehow adopted (per his permission). I can’t tell you how in love with it I am. It’s so easy and convenient! Not the mention my amazing library has an ecatalog so I can borrow books for free on my ipad without ever having to leave the house (or worry about late fees from forgetting to return them on time). I’ve read 8 books already and still going strong. Thank you napping toddler and studying husband.

While I’ve been spending my time on the iPad Bry has adopted my laptop so I haven’t been on to update in quite awhile. So let’s catch up. I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow but let’s recap weeks 28 & 29.

Week 28:

I had my gestational diabetes test during week 28 which I gratefully passed with flying colors. Then upon arriving home I found an amazing care package waiting for me from my father in law. An entire package full of 5 boxes of thin mints! Perfect timing. I married well 😉 We also got to see Andrew again. Babe is measuring at 3lb 3oz, 90th percentile and measuring almost 2 weeks ahead! He’s going to be huge.


We also took maternity pictures that I’ll save for another post. We’re cheap and decided to DIY with a ladder, mini tripod and the self timer. I’m actually in love with how they turned out. Plus you can’t beat free.

Week 29:

Really itching to workout again, at least a swim! And I cannot wait to delve back into running and begin training for our 2nd half marathon once Andrew arrives. Kicks  and wiggles are constant and strong. My whole belly goes crazy. I love it. Minus the constant need to pee, especially during the night which has made sleeping horrible and evasive.


Not much to update. Hungry constantly so I find myself eating every 1-2 hours and trying to stay conscious of making healthier choices most of the time. Monday I had horrible nausea all day long and a bout of morning sickness. Thankfully it only lasted one day and I was back to my ravenous self. I’ve gained just under 15lbs as of 29 weeks. I feel huge! I’ve outgrown almost all my clothes  and have been invading Bryan’s closet most days. So much more comfortable! As much as I miss my semi toned pre-baby body I am loving watching Andrew grow and know the bigger the belly gets, the bigger and stronger Andrew is getting. We hope to have at least three kids but don’t know if and when well begin trying or get lucky enough for number 3 so I’m enjoying the pregnancy perks while they last. I remember this part with Jackson, anxious to finally meet the little man and hold him in my arms but I also remember how fleeting time is so I’m enjoying it while I can.

On that note I’m back to watching “Valentines Day” on DVR while eating an entire box of thin mints 🙂


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