Second Pregnancy: 33 weeks

Life is flying by.  The days are beginning to run together and before I realize it, another week is gone and I find myself standing in our living room bathroom with my stomach sticking out, taking a weekly update picture, thinking I really need to sto procrastinating and clean the mirror already.


Im officially 33 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it. Call it selective memory but I don’t remember having this much pain and discomfort with Jackson (and I weighed 13 more pounds with him by this point). I think a good part of it has to do with inactivity thanks to bed rest, some due to carrying around a 30lb toddler in addition to growing a smal human and the rest I like to attribute to Andrew being bigger than Jackson, though I can’t officially confirm that until our final ultrasound in the next few weeks.

I did some prenatal yoga today. 20 whole minutes in the comfort of my living room with the laptop propped on the tv stand so my crazy, acrobatic toddler couldn’t reach it. I spent the entire time alternating between wanting to cry because it “hurt so good” to wanting to cry because it just downright hurt. I plan to keep it up at least 3 times a week to loosen up my body in preparation of labor. If I go into it as tight and inactive as I am now, there’s no way I’ll survive.

If I make it to 36 weeks (which gut instinct says I will) I have the all clear to swim and run again (haha running, yeah right). I can’t wait t get back int the pool and feel weightless. Running will be there once Andrew comes 🙂

What I’m loving: fruit (especially cold cantaloupe, plums, oranges and mangos), donuts (always), peanut butter and all things chocolate. Also massages, hot hot showers and naps.

Cravings unsatisfied: pizza. Specifically a papa johns pizza smothered in cheese, spicy Italian sausage, black olives, bell peppers, banana peppers, mushrooms, onions and dipped in a heavy coating of their delicious garlic butter. Let’s be honest, it makes the pizza. And it’s crack. Also craving swimming, a deep tissue massage, the ability to breathe when I try to put on my socks, going more than 10 minutes without the urge to pee, running (if I was weightless) and a ice cold smoothie of kale and fruit.

Total weight gain: 18.8lbs (Up 1.4lbs this week)


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