Andrew Weston: One Month

This has been the fastest month of our lives. I could blame it on the fact that it’s pretty much been one continuous day with very little sleep (partly to blame by the fact that every time you are sleeping (which is during the day and much less at night) I spend the time I should be sleeping staring at your sweet face and touching your baby smooth skin). This month has been filled by more love than I ever thought possible, more happiness than I could ever have hoped for and more smiles & laughter than I knew existed.

IMG_6459You have the sweetest disposition and are happy as long as you’re in my arms or sleeping on my chest (or daddy’s). You love to nurse and eat and get very angry, showing off your strong lungs, whenever I try to pry my boob away from you even once you’re asleep. I spend 99% of my time literally attached to you. I kind of love it. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up & filling out. It feels like yesterday daddy and I were waddling into the hospital in the crisp Spring air wondering if this was it. Spoiler: it was. Life before you seems like a distant memory and I am so glad you’re here. You complete our family in ways I didn’t know were missing.

IMG_6518Your eyes are getting lighter and you explore the world a bit more each day. They’re currently a steely blue and absolutely gorgeous. I get lost in them and love the moments we make eye contact and the world seems to stand still for a moment as we just stare at one another. Your peach fuzz is my favorite! It’s dark brown and so soft. I like to give you a baby combover when it’s messy and I blowdry it after baths so it sticks up in all directions. The cuteness is too much.

IMG_6554You’re still unsure about big brother though he adores you. He’s constantly asking to hold “tete”, pointing at you with a huge smile, and climbing up next to us in any chair we’re in to plaster your face with kisses. He is so in love with you and I look forward to the day you two are running in the backyard, throwing a ball back and forth and generally being crazy brothers. You’re going to be insane together, but so close. I am reminded again how lucky we are to have you both, and that you’re so close in age. I hope you have an unbreakable bond, though I know you will.

IMG_6431As much as I wish I could will time to slow down, I’m excited as you come more into yourself with each passing day. Your personality, your smile, just everything about you is so much fun and a new layer I can’t wait to explore.

IMG_6522You’re our baby boy, loved beyond comprehension. Words really can’t express how much you mean to us. We love you.


For fun: You vs. Jackson at exactly 1 month old (same 0-3month size onesie too!)



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