Captured Moments

It’s been a long time since I’ve plugged the Rebel into a computer and opened up the treasure trove of memories inside. One of the reasons I’m drawn to photography so much is that it serves as a virtual time capsule. Looking back through the hundreds, nay, thousands of pictures on my camera from just the past few months (and those aren’t even counting the ones that I take with my phone much more regularly) brings a smile to my face. I’m instantly transported back in time to those memories of us taking a brand spanking new Andrew out to explore Sandy Pointe State Park

IMG_6482and watching Jackson explore the sand for the first time since last August

IMG_6486 IMG_6490 IMG_6491 IMG_6501
I’m reminded once again how very fast time flies by as I struggle to remember just how little Andrew was not so long ago


IMG_6656I see these images that capture my boys in a single, fleeting moment and am overwhelmed with love and gratefulness. This is my life.

IMG_6627 IMG_6769 IMG_6813 IMG_6823Some images might be out of focus. Some tiny subjects might be too wiggly to capture and only half might end up looking at the camera. But even those images, I treasure.

IMG_6870 IMG_6871 IMG_6872I’m reminded once again how much I love photography, how grateful I am that memories can be captured in pictures and to cherish every, fleeting moment.



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