Stitch Fix #3

I jumped on the StitchFix bandwagon. I didn’t document my first two fixes but this go around I figured I’d share the loot.

I could blame my lack of fashion on my children and not having time but the truth is, even before I became Mommy I could be found wearing my workout clothes 99% of the time. My “style” is comfortable. My price point is “cheap”. My mom got a few stitch fix boxes awhile back and we started talking about how we wondered what a fix would look like if I got one. And thus, the stitchfix obsession began.

I really wanted to try this service not because I hope to win any fashion awards but because I was tired of spending over an hour sifting through various drawers looking for something to wear that wasn’t maternity, fit for a 12 year old or, well, workout attire. I looked around at playdates and was in awe as the other mamas wore things like well fitted jeans, nice blouses and even matching accessories! And there I sat in half sweated through yoga pants or running shirts trying to stealthily smell myself without being too obvious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of being a runner. I love being athletic and outgoing and damn, athletic clothes are just plain comfy! But I also am proud of my body and occasionally I’d like to feel comfortable in my clothes. Sometimes, I’d even like to look attractive for my husband so people don’t wonder why such a stud married such a sweaty mess.

Let me tell you how engenius this business idea is. You fill out an online profile and you can link your pinterest board to your account to give your stylists even more ideas about what you’re looking for. They pick out 5 items for you, which is the perfect number to make you feel satisfied without being overwhelmed, and small enough where you keep getting fixes because you need more. They send you the 5 items and post them to your online account once they’re shipped so you find yourself obsessively checking the FedEx tracker to see where in the world your little box is. Then you check the front door approximately 23487235 times to make sure you didn’t miss it’s delivery even though you have a dog who is wonderful at alerting you to every.single.noise within a 3 mile radius. You even pretend to checkout because you can then see a list of the items you were sent (without pictures though) and manage to find a few minutes in between feedings, diaper changes and baby wrangling to one handedly google your little heart out on your iPad because you just cannot wait the 2 days to actually get the box to see what’s coming.

When the box finally arrives you get tunnel vision. There are no boistrous kids running around, a baby crying to be fed or a husband telling you his latest ideas on current events. There’s only you and THE BOX. You rip it open, pull out the styling card, read the sweet note from your stylist who you now feel you have a personal relationship with. After all, she knows you so well! She’s excited to style for you. She even says so! And just like that you have 5 new pieces to potentionally call a wardrobe. No corraling screaming children into the car, trying to tame them in a busy store where they’re likely running off pulling down clothes off racks or climbing out of the bottom of the door of the dressing room while you’re half naked winning mom of the year award as your infant rolls around on his nursing cover on the floor. Genius idea I tell ya. No hassle. No fuss.

So you’re staring at 5 items wondering what goes where and hoping that some of them look much better on you then they do sitting in the cardboard box. Your mind is going a mile a minute as you strip down in the middle of your living room with the windows wide open and your husband rolling his eyes at your gleefulness over a box.

You proceed to spend the next 30 minutes creating your own little fashion show, running up and down the steps to pull various items of clothing out of your closet to match with your newly aquired ones. Your husband takes pictures to document the whole process for this here little blog. You’re so wrapped up you almost forget to put a bra on before he starts. That’d be awkward.

Item #1: Market & Spruce Honolulu Embroidery Detail Tab-Sleeve Blouse: $58


The Native American in me really wanted to like this top. It was incredibly comfortable and had cute detailing on the sleeve roll. It could be short sleeved or long sleeved. But unless I held my hand on my hip everywhere I went….


I looked about 5 feet wide. Not flattering in the least.

Item #2: Just Black Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean: $68

As seen above. So flipping comfortable. Bry told me to lunge in them…


I haven’t the slightest idea…but at least now you know they’re incredible moveable! Great for chasing little ones or running away from zombies.


Oh. My. God. am I in love. They’re slightly mid rise too so they cover that whole I-just-had-a-baby pooch (can I still claim that even though he’s 5 months old?!) I die in these. Seriously. Everyone needs a pair.

Item #3: Fun2Fun Johnson Scarf Print Roll-Tab Blouse: $48

This blouse made me rethink the whole stitchfix thing.


I’m smiling but inside I’m dying a little wondering who gave my stylist the idea that I would ever wear something like this. Not my style at all. It hits right at my waist which is way too short when I have to bend over a lot and don’t want a breeze on my back as I do so. And like the other blouses in this fix, just way too loose and baggy. Not flattering, not my style, not my fabric even.


It’s silky which would suck to sweat in. Or wash. Or try to move in cause it’s sort of restricting in the sleeves. I also don’t know how this came under my request for a nursing friendly blouse but it’s going back asap.

Item #4: Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans: $78

(Also seen above) I actually received these in my 2nd fix but they were gigantic (my fault in sizing) so I asked for them again in the right size. They fit like a glove. Moveable, breathable, beautiful. Perfect length and fit. Can be dressed up or down. Oh baby oh baby.


And that’s what you get when you ask your husband to take a picture of just the pants. Sorry, folks. But I will take this moment to say these pants make your ass look great and not baggy or flat. Justsayin’.

Item #5: Collective Concepts Esten Abstract Chevron Button-Up Blouse: $48

Another one that I can’t really figure out how it fell under my request for more fitted tops but…


If that face doesn’t say it all.


And let me take a moment to introduce the star of Box #2’s show:


Market and Spruce Colibri Floral Print Sleeveless Top: $48

Totally one of those StitchFix miracles where I thought “No way in hell am I keeping that”, put it on and BAM! I was in love.


Now THAT’S how a shirt should fit.


This was the moment I contemplated becoming a fasion model…


This was the moment I realized I should stick to my day job…


And then it’s over. And just like that you have 2 new pairs of the most amazingly comfortable, well-fitting pants you’ve ever worn and are itching for another box. You dig through the current one just in case there’s something you missed. You sadly put away your dejected items, after trying them on just one more time. They go into the prelabeled return bag, you checkout on your account online and then you wait for the next fix. Because there’s always “just one more”.

*I apologize for all the awkward pictures. And my hair. That’s what you get when you chop it off into a pixie, it grows an inch and you’re too cheap to spend $40 to professionally whack off the mullet you’ve got going on. I’m obviously not a fasion blogger. I am in no way affiliated with StitchFix but wanted to share my own personal experiences since I stalk other stitchfix reviews constantly and love to see what other people receive. Signing up is awesome and easy! For $20 you can get your very own box and the $20 styling fee is applied to any item you keep. If you keep all 5, you even get a 20% discount! In every box I’ve kept at least one item which means you’re never out any money. The more details you give to your stylist and ideas you pin to your pinterest board the better your fixes. Plus, it’s always fun to see what a complete stranger thinks you’ll like 🙂


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