Half Marathon #2 Training: Update

After The Summer of Stolen Electronics, during which someone broke into our house and stole my laptop and not a month later someone stole my cellphone on the metro, I haven’t posted much about my training for my second half marathon. At the beginning of training I felt excited! 3 miles counted as my long runs and I was thrilled to be moving in a familiar way again after being on bedrest most of my pregnancy and then having Drew. But that excitement soon fizzled out as my long runs increased and I felt pressured to get in an alloted number of miles a week. I was overwhelmed and underenthusiastic. I blamed my growing children. Those suckers are heavy! I cursed Mother Nature for the heat and humidity. I debated whether I should run the race at all or just pick up my race shirt and call it a wash. But I stuck it out and here I am 6 weeks out from my second half marathon.

My longest run to date has been 9 miles which I conquered on my very own last Saturday, gloriously melting in 80 degree sunshine and 97% humidity. I lost 5lbs through my sweat pores, stared at my watch the entire time ticking away every .01 mile just to make sure I didn’t dare take one step over 9.00 miles and collapsed into a heap on the side of the trail as soon as it was over, huffing and puffing like a dying animal. And then I picked my sorry butt up off the ground and spent 30 minutes hobbling the mile home. I took a picture to document my feat because obviously no one has ever pushed through such horrible conditions before and survived to tell the tale. 


It was a rough run physically with the heat but probably, hopefully, my last with bad humidity. I couldn’t believe I’d finished it considering a mile in I thought I was at the 2.5 mile turnaround, looked up and realized I was only at a mile. I almost broke down and cried. I weeped a little bit inside, mentally debated quitting, cursed myself yet again for being stupid enough to pay money to run such an absurd distance, then kept on trucking. I could say it was my amazing ability at self motivation, chanting some mantra like “you are stronger than you think” or “just stay in the mile” but I’ll be 100% honest here. The only thing that kept me from walking straight home was knowing this was my only 2 hours for the next 7 days where I didn’t have to wipe anyone’s butt. That’s motivation, my friends. 

I’ve kept a pretty good schedule of running 3 days a week. Currently my two mid-week runs are 5 miles each and I trun with both kids in the jogging stroller. Estimating, it’s about 80lbs. I like to call it a double workout and people on the trail love to remind me that I have my hands full. I try to run them Monday and Wednesday. Thursdays I’ve consistently gone to Body Pump at my gym where upbeat music and an overzealous instructor make me almost forget I’m weight training. Fridays I try to walk or do yoga, something to just stretch out and Saturdays I do my long runs by myself. Sundays we’ve been hiking a lot and Tuesdays I rest.  Of course, I also make sure to properly fuel with lots of cheesecake, beer and wine. Nutrition is important.

So there ya have it. Still training, 5 long runs and a 5K race to go until race day and ready to kick some butt. I have a pretty good time goal in mind for this race but I don’t want to jinx it. So I’m only prepared to admit to wanting to beat my current PR (2:13).Wish me luck! And send chocolate. And booze. They go a long way in the recovery process.




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