Weekend Snapshots

This weekend we had Daddy home all weekend! It was awesome. To boot we had perfect weather with temperatures previewing Fall, my absolute favorite season. It’s the name reason we live in a place that has 4 seasons. We want our kids to get to see Fall for what it is, changing colors and leaves everywhere, amazing temperatures and pumpkin everything.

It began Friday night when Daddy came home with new toys! We finally broke down and bought a new (to us) exersaucer for Andrew. Jackson killed our old one by breaking off every external piece, then creating black mold from his spit up that got stuck in unreachable creavices. Anyway, the new one is awesome and Andrew is in love!

20140912_165454 20140912_165459

Don’t worry. Jackson loves it too and especially loves the fact he can spin Andrew around in circles with it. Second child problems. I tried to get a picture of Jackson playing with the new matchbox trucks Bry got him so he wouldn’t feel left out (as if he doesn’t have enough toys already) but forgot to switch the camera around on the phone.

20140912_165442And that’s what a crazy mom looks like when trying to get her child to smile for a picture. You’re welcome.

Saturday morning started off bright dark and early. Bry offered to take care of the kids so I could sleep in. They must have caught on to the change in command cause those suckers slept in until after sunrise! My internal clock went off blaring at 5am. Even though I wanted to smash it against the wall in favor of sleeping in, I took the extra time before child wrangling began to sit and enjoy a cup of water, eat breakfast in silence, pack up everything we needed for the day and pump. The kids did eventually wake up, we went through the crazy morning routine of trying to get everyone dressed, changed and fed then headed out the door.

The boys dropped me off at the beginning of Capital Crescent Trail, a local trail that goes from Maryland to DC. They drove to a parking lot by the mall while I started my long run. 9.33 amazing miles later I found my 3 handsome men at the base of the Washington Monument and once again was overwhelmed by how lucky we are to live in such a place.

20140913_095506 20140913_101909 20140913_11532420140913_095545_120140913_10170020140913_101738

This is my favorite trail in the city with incredible views, no stopping for traffic and Saturday was overcast with weather in the mid 60s and humidity in the 80% (which is MUCH better than it’s been lately). I felt strong on my run and confident about my upcoming half. Only 5 long runs to go!

After my run we headed over to the Air and Space Museum, my personal favorite. Jackson loved seeing all the planes and I loved the fact that the McDonalds sold chocolate milk, my newest current obsession. We spent a view hours chasing him around, weaving in and out of tourists, apologizing profusely for letting our wild animal go crazy. We eventually headed home and spent the rest of the day eating cookies, relaxing and playing.

20140913_111350 20140913_105841 20140913_115330_1

Once we put Andrew to bed we handed Jackson over to Grandma and headed out for our first date night in 8 months! We did the math and couldn’t believe the last time we enjoyed solo time (outside of the house) was for our anniversary…back in January! It was such a relief and reprieve to get out with my handsome husband and not worry about anything but enjoying each other. We stuffed our faces full of Italian food and drove home in a food coma to curl up on the couch watching the Amazing Spiderman 2 and finishing off an entire cheesecake. There’s always room for dessert.


Sunday morning we woke up after the sun! We highfived each other and silently sent up kisses to whoever was in charge of getting our kids to sleep in. We had our usual Sunday morning pancakes and headed out to the Rennaisance Faire.

20140914_134235 20140914_134229

We spent a few hours walking around, chasing Jackson and eating all the delicous foods: baked potatoes, clam chowder in a bread bowl, mead, fruit salad and delicious curly fries that Jackson promptly dropped all over the ground when he fell off the picnic table. He survived, the fries did not.

20140914_123241 20140914_123318 20140914_123221 20140914_123218

Both boys fought naps for the second day in a row. We attempted to play a new game called “Leave Mommy and Daddy alone so they can sleep”. Jackson misunderstood and thought it was called “Chuck Ball At Mommy & Daddys Heads When Their Eyes Are Closed, Then Yell “catch!” And Laugh Like Crazy”. We had some beer, attempted to relax and did the happy dance when bedtime finally rolled around. By 7:15 I was sprawled out across the bed deliriously exhausted. And then the baby cried and I was awoken in a puddle of my own drool to begin the day again. It was a truly great, jam packed weekend of fun and relaxation with my 3 favorite people in the world. After a month of 6 day work weeks, it was even more appreciated. And this fall weather? It’s here to stay and I couldn’t be happier!!

How was your weekend?!


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