Apples Galore

We had an unexpected extended weekend when Bry got Monday off work. We took advantage of our extra day with Daddy and the gorgeous Fall weather and headed out to the country. We chose a new to us orchard to explore to go apple picking! Something I’ve wanted to do since Jackson was born but we just never seemed to get around to. Until yesterday.


We headed to Homestead Farms in Poolesville, MD about an hour away from us. The drive wasn’t terrible though the beltway is never a fun experience with two young kids. Once we got further outside of the city, the views opened up and revealed endless miles of gorgeous fields.


We grabbed a bucket and headed to the orchards. It was the perfect place for a crazy toddler to go nuts without hurting anyone or breaking anything. Andrew was a champ, as usual, and hung out in the Ergo. Jackson ran around from tree to tree picking the tiniest apples he could find (many of them half eaten or off the ground) then throwing them into the bucket with glee yelling “catch!”.

20140915_151958 20140915_152024 20140915_152034

It wasn’t long before our bucket was overflowing and we found ourselves with over 10lbs of apples and less $20. It felt reminiscent of weight checks at the pediatrician. The higher the weight, the bigger the pat on the back you give yourself.

20140915_151941 20140915_153950 20140915_185256 20140915_151619

It was a beautiful afternoon and a great time. Jackson had a blast, Bry enjoyed not having to wrangle him, Andrew fell asleep and I spent the entire time daydreaming of all the ways I could utilize 10lbs of apples. On the way home we stopped off at the grocery store for some neccessities. Namely vanilla ice cream so we could make that daydream a reality.


Apple crisp with fresh picked apples? My taste buds explodeth.


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