Jackson’s 2nd Birthday

Better late than never! Our original baby turned 2 on August 19th. I still can’t wrap my head around where the past 25 months went. We were very lucky this year that MiMi and Pappy, Bry’s parents, were able to join us for the week of Jackson’s birthday. We only get to see them a few times a year so we cherish the time we get together.


We kept birthday week pretty low key with lots of trips to the park and walks around the neighborhood. Jackson soaked up all the extra attention and doting. We ventured into DC on his actual birthday to tour the top of the Washington Monument, which has been closed for the past few years after it was damaged in an earthquake. Jax loved taking the train into the city and stared out the windows, said “hi” to everyone who got on and repeated “choo choooooo” no less than 500 times. The actual tour of the Monument was great for MiMI and Pappy who had never been. It’s a really neat experience that offers 360 degree views of the entire city, including the most infamous landmarks: the White House, Capital, Lincoln Memorial and reflection pool, etc. Jackson wasn’t as interested in stopping to look out the windows as he was in running around like crazy. Enter the National Mall. The perfect place for an energetic two year old. He ran around in circles endlessly and then promptly crashed in the stroller for naptime.

We made our way back home in time for a late lunch. Both kids napped and in the afternoon we took a trip to the playground. When Daddy got home we ordered Papa Johns. Jackson LOVES “pipi”. He couldn’t climb into his highchair fast enough to devour a slice. After dinner we opened a few presents from the grandparents and then tried to tell our new 2 year old it was time for bed. Yeah right. He ended up crying himself to sleep in his crib surrounded by a few of his new trucks and tractors.

Saturday we celebrated our birthday boy with friends. We had a brunch, automotive themed party at the house inclusive of all things truck, tractor and plane. We feasted on quiches, bacon, bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt and potatoes. In lieu of a birthday “cake” I made vegan cinnamon streusel cupcakes, keeping with the brunch theme, that were a huge hit. Though it was a rainy day the kids had a blast playing with all Jackson’s new toys while the adults hung around and chatted. I felt all the love for our little boy and felt overwhelmed by the generousity of all of our friends.

10599142_10203082203275685_384419016446765226_n 杰克19p 杰克31

10649932_10203082199075580_2283181423474053533_n 杰克42 杰克48 杰克45
杰克54 杰克57 杰克64

I love seeing these boys grow up together and a bit of my heart breaks thinking that we’ll most likely be moving in the next few years. In the past 3 years that we’ve been here we’ve made some truly incredible friendships and lasting memories.

1209029_10200646240378135_1188026285_n 10550866_10203082206355762_6219285267420482236_n 杰克70

And just like that our little boy wasn’t so little anymore. He’s turned into this incredible, vivacious, outgoing and energetic, curious and independent, caring and nurturing, loving and sweet, crazy and silly, intelligent and funny, perfect big brother and amazingly wonderful little man. I couldn’t be prouder of the person he’s becoming and feel so grateful to be his mommy.

10563216_10203082229396338_8720680674300891163_n 杰克49 杰克53

Happy Birthday, Jackson Wyatt. You are loved beyond measure ❤


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