Weekend Happenings

It was another busy weekend over here filled with lots of miles in the car, skipped naps and Monday morning sneaking up far too fast.

Friday night I was finished with the week and couldn’t hop on the weekend train fast enough. I wanted beer. I wanted cheesy, greasy pizza. And I wanted to lay on the couch and not move a muscle. We did just that 🙂 Papa Johns delivered and I enjoyed a relaxing night on the couch with my biggest guy.

Saturday morning came far too early but I slept surprisingly well. I ate, dressed, got ready and kissed the boys goodbye. Then I drove to Capital Crescent Trail and headed out for a 10mi out and back. My first double digit run of training!


Ignore the Garmin. By mile markers I ran exactly 10mi. But don’t think that pesky watch doesn’t bother me by ignoring .5mi (no doubt due to tunnels and lots of trees).

It was a great run overall but I was ready to be done. My feet hurt and I just wanted to stop standing. I stretched, ate a Clif Builders bar <— my favorite!!! and headed home to find the sh*t show goes on without me.

After naps for all it was a mad dash to get errands done: grocery shopping, picking up Bry’s bike, gas, etc. We spent the afternoon doing something I’m sure was productive but I have zero recollection of what it was. Then it was time for me to get dressed in normal people clothes and head out for Girls night! My first in literally a year. I need to remedy that.


I spent a few hours with my oldest and dearest best friend who I’ve known since I was 2. We ate and chatted and generally had a great time just enjoying quiet. She works with kids so come the weekend she’s equally happy to step away from screaming, begging, demanding tiny humans for a bit.

Sunday Jax woke up with a cold. We had our traditional Sunday Morning Pancakes but we added something special…PUMPKIN!! Since it’s now officially fall it’s officially all-the-pumpkin season. After we ate we drove out to Gettysburg, PA and walked around the battlefield park.

IMG_20140921_095005 IMG_20140921_100557    20140921_101650 IMG_20140921_110125 20140921_100911 20140921_100852  20140921_095347

It was eerie, serene and oddly beautiful. It’s hard to imagine how many lives were lost in this place and that this beauty was once marked with so much bloodshed.

After a few hours the boys were more then ready to sleep so we headed downtown for some quick food. We grabbed a few burgers and fries from Blue & Grays Bar and scarfed them down.


Then stopped by Mr. G’s for some handmade ice cream: Black raspberry and salted caramel (the star of the show). It was delicious!


We got home in time to change, shower and head out to a friend’s 2nd birthday party. You can imagine how that went down with two napless kids. And just like that, the weekend was over and another week began. I’m already counting down to 5pm Friday.


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