One Of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days where just about everything goes wrong and you find yourself wondering how on earth it isn’t a Monday cause it sure as heck feels like one? That’s today. Where I find myself desperately wishing for silence. A moment where I’m not puked on, having toy trains thrown at my head, babies screaming at me, toddlers screaming my name, throwing their toys in defiance or crying “potty” any time they deem they aren’t getting enough attention. A moment where someone isn’t pulling my hair, biting my foot, sneezing in my face. Just. One. Moment.

It’s one of those days that started way too early (4am to be exact) following three wake-ups in the night.  Where there wasn’t nearly enough coffee and the baby who demanded you awake from your slumber promptly passed out 30 minutes later while playing on his activity mat. When you naïvely went to pee, you came back to find your toddler playing in a puddle of milk he’d created on your microfiber couch. “Uh oh” he says to you as he innocently looks up at you with his big blue eyes. You stare back in amazement that he could create such chaos so quickly…then recognition sinks in as you notice something on his hands. The joys of a curious toddler who’s used the bathroom in his diaper (if you get my drift). He’s generously spread some on the chair as well. Yup. That happened. I assume we won’t get many requests for visitors anytime soon.

I love my kids, I really do and I am lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom. But sometimes even mamas need a break. And some days naptime can’t come soon enough. But of course, it’s one of those days. Just as one goes down, the other awakes. No rest for the weary. Basically, it’s 11am and I’m ready for bedtime, a giant glass bottle of wine and absolute silence.

Thanks for letting me rant. Hope you’re having a better day than we are. In the meantime I’m going to pry my exhausted butt off the chair and try to run off this ball of stress. At the very least it’ll hopefully help with the jitters I’m currently experiencing from downing my 7th cup of coffee. Survival at it’s finest.


2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. Oh, I completely understand! When I had an early toddler and a just past-newborn, I would spend hours switching between the bedrooms of both trying to get them to nap at the same time. Nightmare, each and every day. And then the older one gave up napping altogether. Just created an all-new sense of exhaustion. The nice thing is, it does pass… And coffee is brilliant!

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