Monday morning my mom watched the boys so I could knock out a solo run. Jack is currently sporting a nasty cold so I didn’t want to take him for a run in crisp weather. I decided to do an “easy” run to the starting point for my upcoming 5K then practice “race” the course. I ran to the starting point 1.67mi away in 15:10. A little speedier than I’d have liked. Then ran the course faster than normal but without really pushing myself too much (I want to avoid injury as my half the following weekend is more important than the 5k).

20140922_080016I felt good. Miles .5-2.5 are all uphill but I pushed through. My legs were tired and I was extremely thirsty. I really need to hydrate with more than wine and beer. I jogged for another 1/3mi to bring the total to 5mi for the day.

I got home and relieved my mom from baby duty. Later I found out she’d accidentally left a black pen in the living room when I walked back in to Jackson saying “uh oh” and this:

20140922_152149Toddlers. Can’t fault them for original artwork.

In the afternoon I took Sicky to the park to release some energy.

20140922_140124We had the place to ourselves so I wasn’t worried about infecting other children. We walked around a bit enjoying the crisp fall air and crunchy leaves.


Tuesday was rather productive! Bry biked to work so we had the car. After weeks of it being covered in crumbs, goldfish and random socks I finally cleaned it out and vacuumed it. Did you know that goldfish can get stuck BETWEEN the carseat cushions? Who knew?!

20140923_141915I found a shirt at Target that matched one of Jackson’s. Hey look bud! We can match now! He’s thrilled.

20140923_100033I took care of some grocery shopping with both boys in tow. Every single day I get someone who tells me it looks like I have my hands full (and it’s usually not when Jackson is having a meltdown, surprisingly). It’s true. I do. But my heart is pretty darn full too.

20140923_085259And this little love munchkin? He’s getting too big. Slow down time! I’m not ready for you to be a toddler too 😉



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