Mexican Casserole

I haven’t had the itch to cook much lately. I’ve fallen in love with the easiest and quickest dinners. Sometimes as easy as picking up a phone and calling Papa Johns. By the time dinner rolls around all I want to do is get the kids fed, to bed and park myself on the couch. It’s usually the time both kids are the neediest and dad isn’t home yet so I don’t have a lot of time for complicated dishes. I have had a lot of time to bake, however! There’s always time for anything chocolate. Last night I whipped up a dish that turned out to be delicious and only took 10 minutes to throw together (plus another 30 in cooking time). It’ll definitely be a part of our usual rotation so I thought I’d share.


Mexican Casserole
Serves 6


-1 can black beans, drained but not rinsed
-1/2lb ground turkey, browned and seasoned with garlic powder, salt & pepper
-1 can green chilies
-1/2c enchilada sauce
-2c Mexican cheese
-2c corn (I used TJ’s sweet frozen corn)
-1/2c salsa (I used a Target brand southwestern blend with black beans and corn)
-Frank’s Red Hot sauce or hot sauce (optional)
-1 tbsp garlic powder
-1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
-1 tbsp chili powder
-8 small tortillas (I used the corn and wheat tortillas from TJ’s)


1. Cover bottom of casserole dish with tortillas. It’ll take about 4 tortillas.
2. Mix cooked ground turkey, 1c Mexican cheese blend, corn, salsa, seasonings, black beans and chilies in a large bowl.
3. Cover tortillas with turkey mix and spread evenly.
4. Cover turkey mix with 4 more tortillas
5. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and enchilada sauce
6. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes
7. Top with hot sauce and/or extra enchilada sauce and enjoy!


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