Andrew Weston: 6 Months Old

Just like that, half a year has flown by and here we are.  You’re 6 months old and positively the sweetest little boy in the world. You are incredibly easy going which makes my life a million times easier as I drag you around doing whatever big brother needs to do.  You are quick to smile and laugh and rarely ever fuss unless you’re exhausted or the teeth monsters are attacking. You truly are the world’s best baby and I feel lucky every single day for you.


You have the greatest disposition to match the cutest little face. I can’t get over how precious you are, inside and out. Your big cheeks are such so kissable I find myself attacking you in smothering smooches no less than 37,398 times a day. You have these gorgeous eyes that are so big with wonder and curiosity.  They’re currently hazel and absolutely mesmerizing.


You are an active one and I fear for the days, that aren’t far away, that you are truly mobile. You kick your legs in rapid machine gun speed and can roll over, both ways, within 6 seconds of being put down. You love to be on your belly so you can wiggle and roll your way around, exploring.


You’re especially fond of big brother’s bead toy. The one you can move the beads around the different wires? You have fantastic hand eye coordination and sometimes I watch in awe as you move the beads, one at a time. It’s incredible. Then you start to eat them. You love Sofie and all other teethers too. You are also curious about the wheels on big brother’s trucks. Your favorite is his red one. And of course your favorite toy of all is big brother himself. You are obsessed with Jackson and think he’s the most hilarious thing in the world. I walked into the living room the other week to find him standing on you. STANDING ON YOU! I freaked out. But there you were under 35+lbs of solid toddler laughing hysterically. It’s getting harder and harder to punish him when you think all he does is so darn funny. He’ll take the punishments for your sweet laughter. You already play so well together, it makes my heart ache with love and excitement for what the future holds. I love how close you are already.

imageThis week your two bottom teeth finally cut through. You also fought two head colds which have made sleep fairly non-existent. You still wake twice a night to eat but I have a feeling once your teeth are completely in and you’re back in good health those will slow down too. A mama can hope at least.


Honestly, these have been the fastest and most amazing 6 months of my life. Every day I wonder how I got so lucky to be your mommy. Happy half birthday my sweet baby boy.


Height: 28.5+”
Weight: 18lb 7oz
Teeth: The beginning of 2, just cut through
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown and finally growing back in
Food: Sweet potato (1st tried), zucchini, squash, peas, carrots, corn, applesauce (after apple picking), pumpkin and avocado
Sleep: Usually 2-3 cat naps and 1 longer nap X day, bedtime around 6pm and up for the day between 5 and 6:30am with 2 wakeups during the night around midnight and 4am. You sleep in the pack n play and always on your tummy or side
Likes: Big brother, food, swing at the park, chewing on everything, exploring, kisses on your neck, being tickled, grabbing faces & hair
Dislikes: Being strapped in/unable to roll

You’ll be crawling soon! You can already scoot around and pull your legs up underneath you but you tend to airplane your arms out and end up flopping to one side instead of moving forward. It’s only a matter of days until you figure it out.


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