A Very Fall Weekend

Late Friday night a storm rolled in, bringing with it a significant chill in the air. Saturday was a high of 66 with wind at 15mph. Unfortunately, it was headwind. I headed out for my last long run of this training cycle: 11mi on my favorite trail. My feet felt amazing in my new shoes but my legs felt stiff from taking the week off of running. Mentally I wasn’t in it. I wanted to be home with my boys, cuddling up by the fire and drinking hot apple cider (because in my mind my kids can sit still long enough for that). I pushed through and despite getting 3 new blisters from running 11mi in new shoes without breaking them in (rookie mistake), I finished!


I got home in time for naps which I spent searching Google for nearby fall festivals. I had an undeniable craving for a shrimp burrito so once the kids woke up we headed to Baja Fresh to fulfill my dream.


It was everything I ever wished for.

We drove out to Gavers Farm in Mt. Airy, MD. It was a beautiful property and the fall festival they held was fantastic! Compared to some of the more popular festivals in the area it was reasonably priced at $9/person with kids under 3 free. The festival included hayrides to the pumpkin patch (where they had fun taking turns riding the pumpkin), a huge bouncy pillow, wooden tractors, trains and boats, a corn maze and straw maze for the younger kids, a sandbox with play tractors, a giant slide, a real tractor, etc. It literally went on for over an acre and despite the array of toys and things to do Jackson parked himself in the sandbox with the toy tractor identical to the one he has at home and refused to move.

IMG_7447 IMG_7444 IMG_7440 IMG_7430 IMG_7426 IMG_7416 IMG_7409 IMG_20141004_175259

While he played Bry and I ate apple cider donuts and hot apple cider. It was really chilly with the wind. The donuts were delicious and we devoured half before we made it back to the car. At one point, Jackson grabbed my camera, put it into his face and said “cheese”. Bryan and I almost died laughing. The original selfie?


Eventually we called it a day and packed up to head home. The rest of the night was spent on the couch with cheesecake and wine watching How I Met Your Mother (best show ever).

Sunday morning we had our usual pancake breakfast then took a walk around the neighborhood. Jackson was in a funk and less than fun to be around. Fresh air affects him much like it does me, and after a few minutes in the crisp air he was in a much better mood.

IMG_20141005_091355 IMG_20141005_105324

We walked up a giant hill on the way home. Jackson started grunting as he struggled to make it up. Then he placed his tiny hands on his back and said “push” and began to push himself up the hill. It was hilarious. Toddlers.

We Skyped with my in-laws for a bit before I headed out to do another photoshoot for a friend’s son’s 2nd birthday.


I came home to a napping house and enjoyed a quite lunch with Bryan. When the boys woke up we got dressed and headed to a neighbor’s house for their son’s 2nd birthday party.


Lots of games, cake (the only thing he’ll sit still for) and fun. After 2 cupcakes and 4 juice boxes we cut Jackson off but it was too late as he was jumping up and down and running around in circles from the sugar high. We headed over to a nearby trail and went for a short hike it hopes of settling him down.

We had a picnic style dinner when we got home, got the kids to sleep then watched a few more episodes of HIMYM while cuddled up nursing Chardonnay on the couch. Another wonderful weekend of fun and relaxation. And another weekend gone too fast. Is it Friday yet?


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