Stitch Fix #4: The Last Hurrah

I actually thought I’d cancelled Stitch Fix after my last fix but I arrived home to a familiar cardboard box sitting on our front steps yesterday afternoon. I have to admit, for the first time since I started Stitch Fix, I wasn’t excited when I saw the box. But curiosity killed the cat and I’m not ready to die so I brought it inside and tore it open.

The idea of Stitch Fix still intrigues and interests me. I love the fact that someone could style me and send me beautiful clothes without ever leaving the house, and with two kids two and under, that sounds perfect. I’ve seen other bloggers’ fixes and have loved some of the pieces they’ve received. I’ve specifically requested a few. I’ve pinned even more. And yet fix after fix has arrived and I’ve been met with disappointment at items that are so far off from my style, created to fix like a tent and/or strangely designed.

When I first opened the box, I pulled out the styling card and note from my stylist (which contained multiple spelling errors, almost as if it was rushed). This was my first fix where I had a new stylist which was strange since I had requested my old one. But I went with it. I looked at the cards with the 5 items I was sent and how to style them and I felt my heart sink again. One of the specific things I’d requested from fixes was “unique” pieces. I’d specifically stated I wanted items that I couldn’t find at any old store like Target. After all, the price point of most items are 4 times the price of most clothing stores I usually frequent. If I’m going to pay a pretty penny, or 4800 pretty pennies on average, I want an item that wows me. So imagine my surprise when I saw that 4/5 of the items were solid black or dark gray.

I sighed and figured I’d give it a shot. A picture’s worth a thousand words, they say.

Item #1: Market & Spruce Ivonne Double Strap Cross Front Top- $48 XS


I saw this shirt and thought it was cute but black. Like 99% of my closet. At $48 I wasn’t convinced it was worth it when I could easily find something similar at Forever 21 (forget the fact I just turned 26) for under $20. But I played along and put it on. Let me start by saying it took me a full 5 minutes to figure out how to get into it. It’s like a straight jacket tank top with all sorts of loops and holes. When I finally navigated my head and arms through all the various holes and pulled it on over my head, it fit like a glove. The top is fitted around the bust and blouses out around the ribcage. It isn’t too loose though but flowy enough where it’s still flattering and you can eat an entire cheesecake without having to show the world your food baby.

I felt GOOD in it. It has some unique designs around the bodice and a racerback style back. The deciding factor was when Bryan got home and I tried it on for him. His eyes lit up, his jaw dropped and he repeated at least a dozen times “Wow. You look great! You look really good!” This coming from a man who never comments on fashion or the way I look, wears hiking pants 99% of the time and rolls his eyes if I ever ask him what he thinks about anything clothing related.

And just like that, I was sold. If it wasn’t for his reaction though, I’d most likely have returned it based on the price tag and lack of a real “wow” factor. I really wish this had come in a cobalt blue or deep purple. Then I’d really have loved it.

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Selfridge Cowl Neck Sleeve Top- $48 XS


Finally, I got a fix where the tops weren’t 8 sizes too large. Again, a rather plain color that most of my closet looks like. Again, I played along. The top is extremely comfortable and made of a jersey type material. The color was gorgeous on. It really made my face pop and I went from unenthused to in love, just like that. It’d be absolutely perfect for nursing with the cowl neck and was easy to move in.


You could even pull the top down and create a whole new style of shirt!


I liked it and definitely debated keeping it but $96 for two not terribly unique shirts was just too much for this SAHM. Bryan wasn’t thrilled with it either. The front, while adding a “unique” factor bunches up in a way that could definitely flatter some but on me it seemed to add a bit of bulk. Definitely a cute top that I liked much more than I thought I would.

Honesty? I haven’t packed the return bag yet because I just cannot let this shirt go. Somebody help?!

Item #3: Papermoon Calvin Scoop Neck Striped Knit Top- $44 XS


This is definitely one of those things you could find at Target for a quarter of the price. It’s a soft, thin cotton material and a lot like the other items in my closet already. Pretty plain. I wasn’t impressed with it in the box but when I put it on, I was even less thrilled.


Oversized and way too short. It barely covered my love handles. What was this designer thinking? It seemed like an item you’d find at TJMaxx that ended up on sale because they messed up during assembly.

To make matters worse there’s an awkward, long, rectangular shaped pocket that rests half on your boob and half on your side. It was just bad. The neck was gigantic as well.

I pulled that sucker off and threw it in the return bag as fast as possible. No second guessing there.

Item #4: Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket- $98 XS


Holy high price point. I gulped when I saw it, winced a bit and tried it on. Then I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to worry about handing over my life savings, this jacket was bad. The denim is incredibly stiff and makes it near impossible to move, bend or lift your arms which happens to be a requirement in my line of mama work.


My husband clearly lucked out in marrying me. I’m a winner!

The sleeves are 2 inches too long and overall it just wasn’t great. Especially after I saw an adorable denim jacket at Target for $30 the other day that wasn’t constricting. Returned.

Item #5: Market and Spruce Roma Cowl Neck Jersey Knit Top- $28 XS


I liked the price 🙂 However, again, another plain t-shirt you could easily find at any local store. The color was definitely not my cup of tea (but happens to be my mom’s favorite!). I appreciate that my new stylist went with more form fitting shirts finally but I have a feeling Stitch Fix doesn’t have a huge choosing because this top seemed like a cheaper, less appealing, short sleeved version of Item #2.


The color just didn’t work for me. At all. Looking at it in these pictures makes it even more apparent that peach and I do not go together. It reminded me of sherbet. Unlike the long sleeved cowl neck shirt, it didn’t have a liner to cover up anything between the folds of the neck. It hung strangely and just wasn’t great. Also, I should work on my posture. At least I brushed my hair.

I truly wish I could say each fix got better and that my stylist just  “got” me. But alas, each box seemed to get worse. I hesitate to even spend another $20 for one more fix so at least for now, Stitch Fix and I are on a hiatus.


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