Day In The Life

This was written a few weeks ago but in the utter chaos that we call life I forgot to post it. Enjoy.

1:10am: I hear Andrew wiggling around in the pack n’ play next to our bed. I throw a pillow over my head and silently pray that he goes back to sleep. He begins to whine and fuss so I roll over, make a bottle, half open one eye and shove it into his mouth. He chugs it down. I go to the bathroom, refill the bottle and curl back into my cocoon.

1:30am: He’s still fussing and rolling. I give him another bottle and listen to our neighbors dog bark. I give another check to the idea of moving out to the country.

2am: I can hear Andrew straining. I get up and get a diaper and wipes and change him by the light of my iPad. He stares up at me with his big gummy smile. Wide. Awake. I try not to interact with him in the middle of the night but damn it he’s so adorable!


2:30am: Bry’s alarm goes off. I’m still awake. Andrew’s still awake. Will I ever sleep again?

3:30am: I’ve finally gotten Andrew back to sleep when Daddy walks in to brush his teeth and turns on the light!! HE TURNED ON THE LIGHT?! I try to silently yell at him to turn the damn thing off but it’s too late. The baby’s up again.

4am: Shooshing, singing, another bottle and rocking him while draped over the side of the pack n’ play with my eyes closed and I finally get Andrew back to sleep. I roll over, sprawl out on the entire length of the king sized bed and pass out.

6:15am: I can hear Andrew wiggling next to me but he’s not whining. I try to silently escape the covers and make it upstairs to pump before he fully wakes up. I get upstairs and notice the time. Hallelujah! The kids slept past 6! I make a large pot of coffee, pump, put away the dishes and get everything out to start breakfast.


6:45am: Andrew’s up. I go to get him. We have a babbling conversation about sleeping (or lack there of). I change him and give him a bottle in his rock n play while I cook.


7:05am: I manage to finish making breakfast for Jackson and myself and get it to the table just as I hear Jackson rocking and talking in his crib. I sweep the living room and put a blanket down, then set Andrew on it to practice his crawling.


7:15am: I get Jackson who tells me all about the truck and train he slept with. I ask him if he wants breakfast and he licks his lips.


7:20am: I change Jackson and then put him in his highchair. We dine together.

20140917_072716I have 4 eggs with spinach, corn and Frank’s red hot sauce plus 2 slices of TJ’s sprouted bread drenched in Earth Balance (most of it is melted already…there’s 4 times what you see in the pic. Don’t let it fool you).

7:25am: Jackson and Andrew play as I clean up. I ask Jackson to not kill his brother while I run to get dressed. I get some clothes for Andrew, socks for Jax, throw in a load of laundry and finally brush my teeth.

20140917_074114 20140917_074353 20140917_074406

7:27am: Make it back upstairs to find Jackson’s bike dangerously close to Andrew’s head. I change both boys again, fill our water bottles, pack snacks and Jackson’s truck and tractor that he’s not so subtlely thrown over the gate to bring with us. I get the stroller packed and ready to go.


8:15am: We’re out the door, walk up the street to stretch and begin our 5 mile run. Jackson eats a banana and identifies all automotives we pass while Andrew chews on a teething ring and takes his morning cat nap.


9:15am: We finish running and I do a cool down walk for the rest of the 3/4 mile to the park. Jackson sets up his construction site as I stretch and Andrew and I have a babbling conversation. I make funny faces at him occasionally. He’s a good sport and laughs. I finish stretching and nurse him on the bench while Jackson plays. We snack on apples and I change Jackson on a park bench.

20140917_092521 20140917_092600 20140917_095328

10am: We start walking home. We have 30 minutes to get there and Andrew in bed or we miss his golden opportunity for a decent morning nap.

10:20am: We made it! I get both boys inside and change Andrew. I grab a bottle and head downstairs to get him to sleep while Jackson plays in the living room. I switch over the laundry, put away the stroller and grab a handful of almonds.


10:45am: Jax and I read books in the window. Then we sit at the table while he eats a snack of a granola bar and apple sauce and I have some leftover squash and a piece of crusted tofu.

20140917_104352 20140917_104729 11:15am: I pump while Jackson plays. We talk and make noises for all the trucks and tractors. He helps me set up the pump and likes to make sure I remember it’s “Andrew’s milk”. Got it, babe. Thanks.


11:20am: Eat a cookie and chug some more water. Get out the ingredients to start dinner. Change Jackson who claims he’s hungry when he hears it’s naptime. I give him half a cookie and he happily replies “night night”.


20140917_10421511:30am: Put Jackson down for a nap. Sweep kitchen, begin cooking dinner, do dishes, pick up living room, talk to Mommy on the phone, text friend back and put on calf sleeves to wear around the house cause that’s what all the cool kids do. I realize I forgot an integral  ingredient for dinner and debate whether it’s absolutely necessary. It’s cheese though. Cheese is always necessary.

12:30pm: I debate heating up some leftover coffee or taking a nap but the bed is stripped of all the sheets that are sitting warm and cozy in the dryer just begging to be snuggled up in. Too bad you have to go through the nursery to get to the dryer and if I have one piece of advice for new mamas it’s NEVER wake a sleeping baby. I start this post instead.

1:00pm: Jackson’s up. I check on Andrew first who is also wide awake and is hanging out in his pack n play. He sees me and smiles brightly. God I love that kid. I pick him up and we go into the nursery to collect big brother who promptly tells me he’s poo pooed. I change both boys, make a pb & banana sandwich for Jax and feed Andrew pureed mixed veggies.

1:30pm: I leave both boys in the living room happily playing and make an escape to shower. I change over the laundry too.

1:32pm: I find Jackson kissing Andrew and my heart melts. Give Andrew a bottle, pump and eat half a ham sandwich that Jax takes a few bites of.

2:00pm: We play for awhile and I dry my hair. Jackson thinks it’s hilarious. We eventually head out for a walk around the neighbhorhood.



3:15pm: Arrive home just as Daddy is pulling in. Change both boys and get Andrew in his carseat to head to the grocery store. As Daddy chugs some coffee I change over the laundry again.

3:45pm: Go in for cheese and get side tracked with a few “extras”. Andrew naps in the car with Jackson and Daddy while I run in.


4:00pm: Get home, put dinner in the oven, drink some more coffee and eat part of Jackson’s fish sticks. I also eat more almonds then proceed to play on the floor with both boys. Jackson uses me as his jungle gym.


5pm: Andrew is exhausted so I change him and take him to bed. We read a few stories and I sing to him for about 20 minutes as he wiggles around. I make our bed then head back upstairs for dinner.

5:30pm: We eat dinner. Turkey & Broccoli casserole. Basically this recipe + ground turkey, garlic powder and red bell pepper.


6pm: We count down the minutes til big brother’s bed time. We’re both beyond exhausted. I start a load of dishes, finish the laundry, clean up the kitchen and dream about dessert while Jackson plays with Daddy and my mom. Once a week we have family dinner where we cook for her and she joins us for dinner, which was tonight.

6:30pm: I make the excellent decision to nuke a cookie and top it with vanilla ice cream. My taste buds went nuts! I devoured it in a matter of seconds, licked the plate clean and went back for seconds. Then I attacked that one so vigorously I ended up biting my lip. Hard. Ouch.


7pm: Take Jackson to get ready for bed. Diaper change, tooth brushing, bedtime story and lights out. Then we both crash in our freshly laundered bed. Zzzzz.


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