Weekend Recap

If you can’t tell by the fact that I’m just now finally getting around to posting a recap of last weekend, ya know…on Friday, we’ve been pretty darn busy around here. Both boys are currently sporting fevers, hacking coughs and gushers of snot. Poor kids. Andrew’s nose is so tiny that even one booger means he can’t breathe so sleep has been fairly nonexistent. Which means this mama is running on empty. Tomorrow is my half marathon! Holy wow. And in terrific last minute, true Parks Family planning, we’re heading out to New England right after I cross the finish line for a long weekend by the Finger Lakes. So to recap: we’re waking up our sickly children at 3am tomorrow to pack the car full of everything we need for not only a race but 3 day getaway, driving to the race, I’m running a half marathon while Bry figures out how to keep both boys alive amidst a large crowd, then jumping in a car for a 4 hour drive, sweaty and cramping. Yup. Sounds smart to me too.

Anyway, this past weekend was great! I had my first 5k race on Saturday morning. I’d never run a 5k before but a couple of my girlfriends were registered and convinced me to join. It was for a great cause and I figured, why not? We woke up to pouring down rain and temperatures in the 50’s. Bry decided to stay home with the boys while I went to run. I have a race recap coming at you next week but the long story short is that somehow, against all odds, I ended up winning my first 5k (#1 overall female). How in the world my legs managed to keep an average 7:35 pace is beyond me. I’m pretty sure it was the fact that they were numb.


After a shower and briefly shoving my face full of food we headed out to a friend’s 2nd birthday party. The kids had a blast and passed out as soon as we got home. After naps for everyone we decided to drive up to my old alma mater and explore campus. It was still cold and dreary but a college campus is the perfect arena for an overactive toddler.

IMG_20141011_172057 20141011_174006Sunday we decided to forego Sunday Morning Pancakes in exchange for DONUT Sunday.

20141012_075830 20141012_075857We walked around the National Zoo for a bit after breakfast. In the afternoon we headed back to campus and stopped at Jason’s Deli for lunch. This was followed by 4 bowls of their delicious chocolate pudding. So so good.

20141012_130243We walked around campus for a few hours after lunch, exploring some more.

20141012_144534 IMG_20141012_144618 IMG_20141012_144730 IMG_20141012_145717We went home to some warm chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot, cuddled up to Transformers (we’re rewatching the first 3 so we can rent the 4th), then woke up to another Monday.


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