Soaking Up Sunshine

The past two days have been absolutely beautiful here. Albeit windy, the temperatures have been in he mid to high 60s, sunny with changing leaves everywhere you look. We’re in that perfect in between season where it’s not sweltering hot and not freezing cold. Naturally, we’ve taken every advantage we could to soak up every moment outside.

Thursday I had a podiatrist appointment to see what was going on my two of my toes. After my half they both felt like they’d lost the toenails, only they hadn’t. I won’t go into detail but apparently they sustained a lot of trauma from the rolling hills of The course. I had custom orthotics made to help with the shifting of my feet and prevent further problems. Andrew helped supervise after Jackson started using his hand as a tether and then smacked him in the side of his head with his toy truck. Brotherly love.


The neatest part of the visit was the fact that you could see the Washington Monument from the window! Unfortunately you couldn’t really capture it in a picture.

We spent the afternoon hiking on a nearby trail. It’s one of my favorites because the trail is wide and somewhat cleared enough that Jackson can easily hike it on his own with little worry.

20141023_140919 20141023_141056 Fall is all about the hiking.

20141023_141213 20141023_141408 20141023_141108

I needed the fresh air and all the restorative powers it seems to hold and I’m lucky enough to have two easy going kids who seem to enjoy and thrive in the outdoors as much as I do.


Friday I was determined to attempt a run. I set out for 5 miles but at 2.5 I felt like I was going to puke. It was reminiscent of morning sickness (nope, not pregnant). I think it was something I ate. I decided to walk back to the park to let Jackson play and then we walked home, taking our time to check out the beautiful trees.


After naps I finally got around to vacuuming out our car which was covered with decomposing apples, rogue gold fish, miscellaneous crumbs and a single grape that attempted to become a raisin in the cup holder. Disgusting.


It feels and looks much better now.

I debated going to Target to get caramel to make homemade caramel apples this weekend while pumpkin carving but the beautiful weather beaconed. With the help of google we found a nearby nature center and drove over.


We spent an hour and a half exploring the trails around the center. It made be one of our new favorites.


Jackson’s latest obsession is finding sticks and pushing them in front of him as he walks, making a vacuuming noise or putting them under his armpit and marching along.

20141024_152413He also has an obsession with telling you to go “night night” then screaming “HEY!” as loudly as possible to wake you up. Or by hitting you with a stick. Or uses the time your eyes are closed to do whatever it is he’s not supposed to be doing. He thinks it’s hilarious.

Daddy called us just as we finished and were checking out the actual nature center that had snakes, turtles and fish. We picked him up from work and spent the evening devouring pot roast, cheesecake and watching transformers 3.


Life can be crazy and hectic. Most of the time the days fly by and I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants. Bedtime rolls around and I have a hard time remembering where the day went. But when I choose to step back from the to do lists and opt for time really slowing down and enjoying my kids, I feel rejuvenated, relaxed and fulfilled.


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