Family Hike & Pumpkin Carving

I put away the electronics on Saturday to really soak up the day. Bry ended up working a job in the morning so the boys and I met up with grandma for brunch. It was fun catching up with her and extra nice to not have to cook. After brunch we headed home to change, quick nap for Andrew and then headed across the street for a second birthday party for one of Jackson’s friends. Jackson crashed hard when we got home after pushing his naptime back 3 hours. He slept until almost 4 and woke up in a grumpy mood. We attempted a short family walk in the woods that led to many meltdowns and ended up throwing in the towel. We ended the night with Chinese food, a redbox and half a cheesecake.

Sunday morning I woke up with an itch to clean up the house. As is typical after a vacation, there were clothes, suitcases, bags, things everywhere. We had 6 loads of clean laundry to fold and another 5 to wash. I spent the morning flying around sweeping, stiffening, folding, washing and drying. Bry took over baby duty and when Andrew went down for his first nap he headed out to dunkin donuts with Jackson to get breakfast.


A bacon egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel


and a pumpkin donut.

It was delicious. After we ate we headed out to the trails for a long family hike. The weather was perfect and the trees are absolutely gorgeous.


I call him “The Blur”


The trails are covered in red, oranges and yellows of fallen leaves. There’s crispness in the air.


I love this time of year.

20141026_091933 20141026_091946

We covered 5.3 miles in 2 hours and successfully killed off the big baby.


The little one was wide awake at the end.


We headed home for lunch and pumpkin carving.


We spent the afternoon decorating and carving our pumpkins. Jackson loved scooping out the guts to make pumpkin “soup”.


Andrew supervised.


We finished around dinner time and ended up having a snack plate of cheese, ham, crackers, salsa and chips wih pumpkin beer. Jackson loves snack plates and ate almost all the cheese.

After bedtime we watched “Sextape” with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. It was meh. Devouring copious amounts of Halloween candy helped make it better. And then he weekend was over.


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