Halloween 2014

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

This year was the first year Jackson was really old enough to get into the spirit of trick or treating. Last year ended in a puddle of tears from over exhaustion having to be up after dark and apprehension in approaching strange housing. This year Jackson couldn’t wait to show off his stair climbing skills and use his newfound love for “knock knock”ing on doors. Side note: anyone else find it a little strange that once a year we teach our children to go up to strangers homes and ask them for candy when the other 364 days were supposed to teach them to not take candy from strangers?

When Andrew was born with his big, kissable cheeks and adorable button nose I immediately knew I wanted him to be a lion for Halloween. A quick trip to Kid to Kid (a consignment store) landed us with the most epic lion costume ever, including this incredible mane. It took .01 seconds for me to declare it ours. I mean, look at that face!


I had high hopes of allowing Jackson to choose his own costume but he had no interest in looking at clothes while he was preoccupied running circles around the store while Bryan chased him trying not to let him break anything. So when I found a monkey costume in his size with the price tag reading $5.95, our little zoo was formed.

IMG_7768 IMG_7767 IMG_7769

I’m so glad the temperatures were so cold this year so they’re massively heavy costumes were perfect (last year was randomly 70 degrees Halloween day). Bry and I raided our closets (and my moms) to complete our costumes. Appropriately, the zoo keepers.

IMG_7758 IMG_7755 IMG_7757

We met up with a bunch of our friends and formed a rather ridiculous group to go around the neighborhood. Trying to fit 10 adults, 3 infants and 4 toddlers in the front of a townhouse is insane. But we had a great time and the kids looked adorable.


The kids were tuckered out before we could even get half way around the cul de sac. We headed home, quietly put our little zoo to bed and marveled at how amazing Halloween is from the parents side. Especially when you can end the night eating copious amounts of the candy your 2 year old just worked so hard to acquire and trying on your tooth fairy costume from when you were 4.

IMG_7808 IMG_7810 IMG_7811


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