What’s Next?

Now that my races are over I’ve found myself itching with the question “what’s next?!” It’s the racing bug that hit me so hard last time I found myself registered for the Baltimore half less than a week later. But this time, I’m biding my time.

The answer is, I’m really not sure what’s next. I know I love to race and enjoy the drive and structure that a training plan provides. I’m not sure I want to train for another half right now. I started to have a lot of problems with my feet at the end of this last training cycle and there’s a very real chance our schedules are about to completely change again, leaving me with an unknown amount of time to train. I have my eye on the Cherry Blossom = 10 miler in April but it’s a lottery race that you can’t enter until December.

In the meantime, I’m finally utilizing my gym membership. I’ve still been staying active but have swapped endless miles with the jogging stroller for hikes, exercise classes and spin. I’m loving the change of pace and the ability to choose my workout depending on my feeling. Jackson enjoys the time he gets socializing with kids his own age and Andrew, well, he tends to nap.

Here’s what my workouts have looked like lately:

The week after the half, October 18-24:

Saturday: Race!
Sunday: 1mi walk around Watkins Glen state park
Monday: 7.5 hours sitting on my butt, driving back home
Tuesday: 2mi walk
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2mi hike
Friday: 1mi hike + 2.5mi run with the BOB

October 25-31:

Saturday: 1mi family hike
Sunday: 5.3mi family hike
Monday: 3.66mi solo run + 2mi family hike
Tuesday: 1hr bootcamp class + 3 hours walking around the zoo
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 45min body pump class (because my mom brain forgot when the class started)
Friday: 60min spin class

And that’s that. No real set plans but to keep listening to my body, stay active and enjoy moving.


How are you staying active? Any fun races on your calendar?


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