Day In The Life

A look into what our Tuesday looked like this week.

Midnight: Andrew starts fussing in the pack n play next to me. After a few minutes he’s still not settling himself, so I check his diaper and he’s soaked. I change him, give him a bottle and he flips back onto his stomach. He keeps fussing and after 20 minutes I give him another bottle. He finishes half, flips again and falls asleep.

2:30am: Andrew’s fussing again. I try to make him cry it out but 15 minutes in, he’s not having it. Another bottle and he’s back down.

5:45am: Andrew’s up for the day. I roll over, smack Bry to wake up to get ready for work, pick up Andrew and head downstairs. Change Andrew, set him up with a bottle and start the coffee.


6:30am: Eat breakfast. Chug coffee. While feeding Andrew. 4 egg whites, spinach, corn and Frank’s hot sauce with 2 slices of Trader Joe’s sprouted bread and as much Earth Balance as possible. Butter makes the world round go round.


7am: Get Jackson, change him, try to wrangle him to get a real breakfast but he refuses and steals an apple from the fridge. He eats while Andrew practices crawling. He’s now getting up on all fours!


7:15am: Dress for the gym, pack our snacks and bags for the morning and head out.


7:45am: Read Fitness magazine while we drive to drop Bry off at work. Kisses for daddy and we’re on the road again.


8:15am: Target run for diaper pail liners. I get sidetracked by Christmas PJs but can’t find any I love in the kids sizes (or matching ones for Mommy and Daddy). End the trip with only the one item we went in for. SCORE.

8:45am: Pick Grandma up. She’s joining us at the gym this morning to see how she likes it.

9:15am: Drop Jackson and Andrew at the gym childcare and head to Tuesday morning Bootcamp class. It’s my second time going and I LOVE it.

10:30am: Pick the boys up. Andrew sees me and starts bawling. He’s gotten rather clingy in the last week, poor thing. Jackson greets me with a big smile and “Mama! All done. Bye bye.” I grab an apple.


10:45am: We stop next door to pick up lunch. Jackson has a hard time sitting still while waiting for the food. I chase him around praying he doesn’t break any of the wine bottles.


11:15am: Get home. Change both boys and put them down for naps. I head to the computer to work on some projects and eat this Kind bar. It’s delicious! I discovered it at a race expo and can’t get enough.


Noon: I’ve completely lost track of time. I finally peel myself away and sit down to eat. Just as I do so, I hear both boys downstairs. They’re up.

12:30pm: Finally scarf down lunch (Sushi. A “Boston Roll” which is white rice, shrimp, a mayonnaise based spicy sauce, cucumber, avocado and green onions plus a green salad with peanut dressing) while Andrew eats a rogue spoon he found under the entertainment system and Jackson terrorizes the dog.


1pm: I finally shower and change.


1:30pm: Feed Andrew which is a colossal mess as he karate chops at the spoon as I try to feed him.

20141104_135414 20141104_135418

2pm: We head out to the zoo.

2:30-4pm: We visit all the animals and play in the leaves. Jackson gets pretty tuckered out. I end up walking the last 1/4mi hill back to the car with Andrew in the Ergo on my front and Jackson on my back. Ouch.

20141104_144920 20141104_151638

4pm: Daddy calls as we’re waddling back to the car. He’s off work and on his way back to the shop. We get in the car and head to pick him up. I gobble down a granola bar as I drive.


5pm: Traffic sucked. We finally get daddy and make the half hour commute home. Both boys explode when Andrew gets woken up by Jackson hitting him in the head with Go Dog Go. I end up crawling into the backseat between them and alternate between all the nursery rhymes I know, praying at least one of them will stop crying.

5:30pm: Finally home. Rush to feed both boys, change them and attempt to throw something edible together to call dinner.

6:15pm: Shovel tacos into my mouth while simultaneously feeding Andrew. Ground turkey, shredded cheese, avocado, salsa and sour cream on corn and whole wheat tortillas. Yum.


6:30pm: Put Andrew to bed. Sing him songs and kiss him goodnight. Throw on some PJs and grab a handful of almonds and chocolate chips.


7pm: Sit down to write this post, half asleep. Call it a night. The end!


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