A Few of My Favorite Things


Gold Sequined Tops

image (1)

I saw this one on Thred Up recently and fell in love. So much so that it was in my cart, checked out and on it’s way to my doorstep all before 6am. I think it’s a great item to wear with a pair of skinny jeans for a date night, girls night out or holiday party. Tis the season.




The leaves, the crisp air, the vastness of space for my crazy toddler to roam without breaking anything. What’s not to love?





We haven’t been to the movies since I was pregnant with Jackson but man do we utilize Redbox. Our latest movie binge led us to see “Chef” which turned out to be one of the best movies we’ve ever seen. It was fantastic. Great storyline, great acting, great music and delicious looking food. A definite must see.


Talenti Gelato



 We discovered this at our local grocery store a few months back and have been on a mission to try every flavor since. They’re so creamy and delicious! Our favorites so far: Sea Salt Caramel closely followed by the Southern Butter Pecan.



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