Stitch Fix #5: Redemption

If you’ve been following along with my stitch fix journey then you are probably wondering to yourself why this post exists if my last box was such a dud, leaving me to conclude it was the very last one for awhile. Well, Stitchfix reached out to me via email after my last blog post acknowledging that the fixes I was receiving were subpar and not in line with what I was asking for. They generously offered to set me up with one of their top stylists and send another fix, gratis. I hesitantly yet excitedly accepted.

The box arrived on my doorstep as usual and I opened it up to find a sweet note from my new stylist. I looked at the styling card while running around the house attempting to get food on the table and the kids to bed and at brief glace all the items looked black. I thought “God, not again”. Once the babes were asleep I finally sat down with the box and pulled out the items for another mini living room fashion show.

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Trip Longsleeve Colorblock Sweater XS- $58

On the styling card this looked black and gray but when I pulled it out of the box I couldn’t be happier to find that it was actually PURPLE! Purple happens to be my favorite color and one I wish I wore more often.


The fabric was extremely soft and felt very warm, perfect for the wintery temps we’re experiencing in the DC area.


I really loved this sweater, from the color and fabric to the tad long sleeves being long enough to tuck my hands into and the tunic length making it perfect to pair with simple black leggings. I was very close to calling  it mine before Bry turned around and vetoed it. Looking at it in pictures I see it doesn’t really do much for my shape (or lack there of). Without my hands on my hips it’s rather loose. But I do absolutely love it and had it been a size smaller, it’d be a permanent staple in my wardrobe.


Item #2: Pomelo Gerrie Anchor Print Short Sleeve Blouse XS- $34

This was one of the items I found through googling my heart out once I saw what was set to arrive in my fix. I’m not a fan of heavy prints like hearts, animal print and especially anchors. I know it’s really in style it’s just not my style.


I pulled the shirt out of the box and my heart sank when I felt the polyester blend. I’ll never be able to move in this let alone pick up my kid or bend comfortably. And then Stitch fix worked it’s magic. I tried that baby on and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was.


The neck, sleeves and hem are all cotton so it’s extremely moveable and easy to lift, run, carry, skip, dance, boogie in. It’s mix of fabrics making it a great piece paired with leggings for casual playdates or skinnies for a night out. The middle is actually a rich cobalt blue that is stunningly beautiful. It’s loose enough to mask cookie bellies without making you appear boxy.


I immediately fell in love. The price tag was rather nice too. Keep.IMG_7854

Item #3: Sanctuary Jerry Lace Detail Henley Knit Top XS- $58

This was the shirt that first grabbed my attention as it’s totally something I’d pick out for myself. It’s cotton and extremely soft with a velvety lace on the shoulders and down the sides. The top of the back is striped making it extremely unique.


I loved the lace and stripes. It’s a chocolate brown which is a great color for me. It’s extremely soft. I loved the feel. Stitch fix, you’re on a roll.


But unfortunately the neck hole is more boat neck which makes bra straps extremely visible and the overall length  of the shirt just hits the bottom of my stomach. If I went to raise my arms my entire mid-drift would be exposed which would be cold and unappealing. Ultimately, I had to part with it due to the fit. But it was a very cute shirt! A little overpriced for a cotton shirt too (for me).

Item #4: Moon Collection Alexander Graphic Knit Drape Front Cardigan XS- $68

I’d actually seen this piece on other bloggers and loved the Aztec print. But I’d also seen the price tag and knew it was a little steep for me for something I could find at Forever 21, so I never mentioned the sweater to my stylists. Imagine my surprise when this total strange included it in my fix. How’d he know?!


Sorry for the terrible picture quality. My photographer was on his 3rd beer and clearly losing interest. The sweater is really thick which is great for cold weather and extremely comfy which would be perfect for lounging on the couch. And like most Stitch fix pieces, it’s so so sosft. But let’s be honest, I don’t do much lounging anymore and it’d be near impossible to fit an Ergo over this thing. I really loved the print, the colors which were a deep red and navy blue (so cute!) but ultimately the price tag was the deciding factor. And the fact I’d just bought an Aztec cardigan a few weeks ago for $16 that I love.

But this is definitely one of those sweaters that if I didn’t already have one, I’d have bought. The thick fabric and quality material are what cause the price to be a little on the higher side which is worth it in my book.

Item #5: Skies are Blue Lenor Button-Down Pintuck Detail Tank XS- $48

This tank is gorgeous. It’s an emerald green and extremely soft with gorgeous buttoning down the front and lacey shoulders. It’s the perfect dress up or dress down piece.


It’s very soft and almost cottony which I was not expecting but very much loved. I wanted this shirt so much.

But it was, unfortunately, a little big. This pose didn’t help matter either. What was I doing? Had it been 2 sizes smaller, I’d have bought it up in a heartbeat. It is GORGEOUS! Seriously beautiful. The coloring and details make this shirt.


I was so happy with this fix. It changed my mind completely about Stitch fix and presented everything I’d been hoping for from the service. I received comfortable, beautiful, unique clothes that w of things I’d pick out myself but also ones that branched me out from what I usually wear. The colors were incredible and included all ones that I don’t have much or any of in my wardrobe. For the first time since I started getting fixes back in July, I sit here at the 3 day mark waiting to check out because I honestly loved every single piece and am hesitant about having returners remorse. Stitch Fix, you’ve outdone yourself. This is how every fix should be!


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