Sorry for going MIA there. Between Thanksgiving and another bout of illnesses to strike our littlest family member, it’s been pretty busy. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

On a random warmer day we headed out for an outdoor run. I have lost all stroller running endurance and felt every painful step of the 4 miles we covered. (Side note: I’m currently debating adding a race to my 2015 Calendar. I’m unsure what race I want to add though. I had my eye on the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April but I’m afraid with all these illnesses striking down the family and keeping me from running I won’t have enough time to train properly.)
IMG_20141124_082706I decided to get every penny’s worth out of the matching Christmas pjs I bought the boys so we busted out the Christmas movies and holiday joy. They weren’t very thrilled but I’m training them to love the big guy as much as I do. I have successfully taught Jackson to say Santa and Reindeer which makes me incredibly proud.



Let’s just hope when he meets Mr. Claus himself this year it won’t turn into a repeat of what happened when he met Santa for the first time last year…


though I’ll be the first to admit, that picture is epic.

One evening we bundled up and headed to the park with Daddy to expend some extra energy. Winter clouds and sunsets make gorgeous backdrops.

IMG_20141122_161617Jackson has learned how to roll down the hills at the park and thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world. Which, it is. He literally flings his tiny body onto the ground and starts rolling which leads to me unable to breathe I’m laughing so hard.

20141122_160752Andrew thinks he can stand now and likes to use big brother as an aide. Jackson loves it. He’ll grab his shirt or lay on the floor and pat his chest saying “Andrew, Andrew!” I’m in denial that this kid is growing up so fast. I mean, I just had him yesterday. And when did my toddler get so grown up looking?! His knowledge is soaring lately. I’m left speechless quite often when he does something like grabs the dustpan and says “help clean” while I’m sweeping. Or goes into the fridge and gets himself a snack, even throwing away the trash by himself. If Andrew cries he’ll run over to him and offer him a bottle or pat his back saying “OK, Andrew”. He even feeds the dog all by himself when he notices her bowl is empty. Now if only he could do the laundry…


“Look ma, one hand!” Apparently by the looks of this picture Bryan’s trying to recruit him to help with some house projects.


Finally a family picture where we’re all looking at the camera!! I should’ve washed my hair at least. Jackson’s smile is the greatest…and then he adds in the little hand pose. Toddlers.


The littlest cub has been uber sick this week and it’s been cold and rainy so we’ve been quarantined inside. Obviously, this has been quite hectic with an energetic toddler so I’ve relied on many crafts and baking projects. My glucose levels are through the roof but we made these adorable handprint ornaments using salt dough! Can’t wait to paint them.

20141202_082040And just because they’re adorable and fill my heart with unbelievable joy.

20141127_164641 20141127_164635 20141127_164632 20141127_164650


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