Gift Guide: For the Runner

I’m totally late in the game to throw my hat into the large mix of blogger gift guides. It’s a wonderful reflection of where I stand on our own gift ideas this year, pretty much in the line at he port o potties and the gun just went off. If anyone else if finding themselves a little behind and completely clueless on ideas, hopefully this will help you! A few of my personal favorite items that are sure to please the runner in your life.


Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong. I actually received this for Christmas three years ago after reading the rave reviews on many blogs. It truly blew me away. It’s a fantastic book for runners, moms and women in general. It’s one of those rare books I go back to from time to time and could read over and over again. It’s fantastic!

Ultrarunning Man by Dean Karnazes. This is another wonderful running book that would be great for men or women. Very inspiring, motivational and will leave your jaw dropped at the incredible athlete Dean is.

Nike Dri Fit Running Shirt. My husband and I both own countless numbers of these shirts. So do our families after we coverted them because of our love. They don’t chafe, are great for layering, breathable and actually sweat wicking. We own many versions of the short and long sleeved variety and love them all.

Brooks Running Tights. These are a pretty penny but after three years of overuse they’re still in great shape and my go to running pants for winter running. They’re compression, warm, breathable, sweat wicking and comfortable! They don’t ride down (one of my biggest pet peeves) and have a thick, higher rise waist band for a flattering, sleek fit (my other pet peeve being unnecessary muffin top, or exploding muffin top). They even have a handy dandy back insulated pocket for storing a cell phone, fuel, house key, Chapstick, etc. They’re long too so they don’t leave unwanted ankle gaps. 5 stars, I tell ya.

Race entry. This is actually what I asked for this year. Races can be pricey, especially the larger ones so gifting one to your loved one is a great way to ensure they don’t let entry fees deter them from the start line. Make sure it’s a race they’ve been talking about and are interested in, don’t just sign them up for a marathon if they’re recreational runners who enjoy keeping to 2-3 miles at a time.

Gym Membership. My gift last year. Winter means we can’t always get outside to run, especially if we have kids who aren’t up for sucking up 10 degree weather and a stroller ill fit for black ice and 4 ft of snow. It’s a great gift that encourages cross training too!

The Stick. I’ve owned a foam roller for almost 6 years but I bought The Stick after a muscle strain and my hip while training for my last half. It’s incredible. It really helps you target specific areas that would be almost impossible to do with a large foam roller. You can use it sitting or standing which helps fight again a toddler who insists on being on top of you if you’re on the floor foam rolling, and tries to eat the foam itself if you refuse to share. Compact too so it’s great for travel.

Running shoes. Just make sure it’s a kind that they know and love. If you don’t know specifics a gift card to a running store would make a great gift!

Stocking stuffers:

Eso Lip Balm. Oh is this stuff the balm bomb. So smooth, delicious and truly prevents cracked lips. As a self proclaimed chapstick addict, this is my favorite.

Thorlos Experia Running Socks. $$ but really do help prevent blisters. I learned the hard way this past training session when I tried to save money and buy the “dri fit” socks from target. Not worth it.

Favorite fuel. Gu chomps, sharkies and clif bloks are some of my favorites.

Fuel belt. I’ve owned the spi-belt for years and love it but during my 5k this year it rode up to my ribcage while I ran and I spent 10 minutes trying to adjust it, burning precious energy and giving spectators an unfortunate view of too much skin. During every long run that never happened so I’m not sure what gave. I bought this belt at the race expo right before Baltimore and while it stayed in place I’m not in love with it. If you order it I highly recommend sizing down.


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