Gift Guide: For Her

Ms. Miss or Mrs. For the woman in your life, best friend, wife, sister, mother or mother in law, etc.


Personalized Jewelry. I love turning to etsy for these. I’m a firm believer in gifting things from the heart and this one is perfect. I bought my MIL this necklace last Christmas and she wears it daily. She actually bought me a charm bracelet the first Christmas we had Jackson with a onesie and his name engraved. It is so special to me. We added Andrew’s charm last Christmas. I got my mom a family tree necklace  (<– don’t recommend that seller though, getting charm add ons for Andrew was like pulling teeth)one year and my dear friend this necklace with her son’s name and birthstone.

A Homemade Spa Kit or Gift Card to a Spa (manicure, pedicure, massage, we women don’t discriminate. We love them all). Spas can be pricey so if you’re on a constant budget, like us, make a spa kit at home! Include some things like nail polish, a nail buffer, loofa, Balt salts, foot scrub (you can even diy), bubble bath, lavender essential oil, slippers, eye mask, candles, etc. Nothing says I love and appreciate you quite like pampering. Says the sick, endlessly sleep deprived mama of two 😉

Clothing or an outfit they’ve had their eye on. If you’re clueless you could always gift them a month of StitchFix.

Alcohol. What? We don’t gender discriminate.

Chocolate. Chocolate in it’s original form, coating strawberries, mixed with nuts, lathered onto caramel. Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Personalized calendar. We made one for my inlaws the past few years because they unfortunately live half way across the country and don’t get to see the boys as much as we wish they could. A calendar was a great way to display some of their favorite pictures. A picture mug, photo book (I make one for Bry every year and he actually used one to propose!) or mousepad would also be good ideas.

Gift Card to an Art Class. There are constantly deals for these on livingsocial and groupon. They’re classes that you bring your own wine and have fun painting or sculpting together. Great gift to do with your loved one. My MIL, SIL, and 2 cousins all did this together last year in Austin. It was a great time painting but the fun of bonding was even better (and I was preggo so no alcohol was consumed, but it was still a great time).

Tickets to a Local Show: Theater, band, music artist. Whatever it is, if they’re big into concerts or performances get them a couple tickets to it!

Cold Weather Accessories. A cute chunky scarf, convertible mitten/gloves or fashionable beanie.

Stocking Stuffers:

Nail Polish. I’m currently obsessed with Bahama Mama by Essie.

EOS lip balm. Can you tell this is my favorite lip balm ever? I have one in the car, in my purse, on my nightstand and in the diaper bag. Never enough.

Gift Card. A small $5-10 gift card to a local coffee shop, restaurant or even something like iTunes.

Jewelry. A bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings. World Market actually has some gorgeous jewelry that’s very affordable and unique.

Personal Coupon. I grew up with me and my mom giving these to each other. I’ve extended the tradition to Bryan and our kids. Just write on an index card, basically an IOU. “One free back massage”, “One hour of babysitting”, etc. Free and functional.


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