Day In The Life

1am: Andrew starts fussing in his pack n play. He’s currently sick. Again. He’s coughing and I can hear the congestion in his lungs, poor guy. I make him a bottle, change him and prop him up with it, then crawl back under the covers.

4:30am: He’s up! This is sleeping in lately, believe it or not. Last week there were many days starting in the 3 o’clock hour. Zzz. We head upstairs to play. I change his diaper and feed him another bottle while we cuddle in the living room.


5:15am: Brother is stirring. I go brush my teeth and get him. He runs to find Cookie, our elf. He’s not pleased that she’s driving his tractor and immediately pulls her out and tells her to go sit by the tree (where she spends her days). I change Jack and get him some milk and a banana.


6am: Were out the door to take daddy to work.

7am: Home again. I make us breakfast. I’m on an oatmeal kick lately. Side of extra strong coffee in a snowman cup.


7:20am: I clean up breakfast. Andrew goes down for his morning nap and I start working on homemade sugar cookie dough. When it’s time to roll it out, Jackson joins me to cookie cutter it. After it bakes, we decorate it together.


Made with love for my inlaws.


8am: I made the dough for another 3 dozen cookies. I make this recipe omitting the brewers yeast and oatmeal and adding in white chocolate chips, pecans and macadamia nuts. Andrew wakes up while I’m baking so I run to get him, change him and feed him before any cookies burn. I sigh in relief when the last pan comes out of the oven.

20141209_1044239am: The boys and I play in the living room with all the trains and trucks you can imagine. Jack snacks and I feed Andrew solids. He’s not really interested.


10:45am: Both boys are ready for a nap so it’s diaper changes all around and then bedtime. Andrew cries for awhile because he spends the first 10 minutes trying to stand up, gets stuck and falls back. While they nap I eat my current favorite homemade salad (spring mix, pear or apple, goat cheese, candied pecans, dried cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette), a pear and a granola bar.


11:30am: They’re both up. No rest for the weary. I go to find Andrew in bed with a few papers off Bryan’s desk. I ask Jax if he wants to go on a lunch date to panera but he adamantly responds “no cheese!” He requested wendys chicken nuggets instead. I pack everyone in the car and we drive through CVS to pick up a prescription, grab some nuggets from wendys and head to target. I park and crawl into the backseat between the boys to feed Andrew while jack eats. Drew is a distracted eater so feeding him in his car seat is much easier than in his bumbo where he arches his back, wiggles and fights every bite.


12:30pm: With full bellies we brave Target. I get the kids stocking stuffers and a few groceries. While we’re there I stop at Starbucks for a grande caramel latte and Jackson gets a cake pop. Poor Drew just watches.

2pm: Were finally done after encountering the worlds longest lines and the slowest cashier. Andrew fell asleep in the ergo so we drop off our bags at the car and head back into the mall to follow the train around. We wave to Santa, chase the train around the majority of the mall and run into a Bob the Builder ride. I fork over 75 cents so Jackson can rock back and forth on the plastic tractor. Andrew wakes up and we head back to the car.


3pm: The largest shitshow occurs while I try to wrangle both kids in the absurdity the is the post office during the holidays as I try to mail off packages to brys family. Jackson runs around pulling stuff off all the shelves and Andrew tries to eat the packages, then arches his back and screams when I move him out of arm reach of them. Mind you this is all without a voice still. I finally tell Jackson if he doesn’t start listening daddy’s going to spank him, as he slams the glass doors open and shut. He proceeds to announce loudly to everyone who walks in “daddy’s gonna spank me.”

4pm: Back in the car. Jackson’s soaking wet from puddle jumping his way back to the car. Did I mention it’s been raining and barely above freezing all day? We decide to head towards brys work as he’ll most likely be off soon. Just as we pull up to the shop he calls. He’ll be there in half an hour.

4:30pm: Crawl into the backseat again to finish feeding Andrew and entertain the kids. Jackson starts to lose his marbles from being “stuck” so long. I silently curse Bryan for taking his sweet time.


5:30pm: An hour later Bry pulls up and were off to join traffic home. We get home and I take care of bringing the bags into the house and get the kids set while daddy takes out the trash. We start on dinner. He makes the BBQ pork chops and I roast butternut squash and cauliflower. My mom comes and entertains the kids while we cook.


6pm: Put Andrew to bed and sit down to eat. Then it’s story time and night night for Jackson.

7pm: With both boys down we finish cleaning up, move Cookie the elf to a new spot, do the dishes and play a round of Rubbikub while eating cookies.

8:30pm: Crawl into bed. Not a moment too soon.


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