Gift Guide: For the Kids


Teething necklace or toy. Andrew is a slobbering, everything-goes-in-his-mouth, constant teether right now. If you’re anything like us, you can never have enough teethers. Like socks in the dryer they magically have a way of disappearing. A teething necklace is a great way to comfort your little one while holding him/her and not fear losing the teether itself.

Musical instrument. Think hard before you gift a loved ones kiddos this as it could be very loud and lead to major resentment. Jackson received a toy piano with an attached microphone from his G and he loves it. He even sings into the microphone and starts giggling, he thinks it’s so funny. He’ll play music on it and then dance around. I love that he’s learning with it. We bought him this guitar for Christmas after he developed a special love for guitars thanks to an episode of Chuggington.

Books. You can never have enough. Some of our favorites include Piggies, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and Giraffes Can’t Dance.

Adventure/Experience Gifts. I personally think a kid can have too many toys and that having adventures and experiences together are more meaningful then a million flashing toys and trucks under the tree. Some great ideas include: a trip or membership to the aquarium or local zoo, a monthly membership to a constructive play class like Gymboree (I personally recommend for younger kids) or The Little Gym (personally think is better for the older kids), tickets to a local kids performance, trip to a museum, ice skating, movies etc. You could use an index card to draw a picture of the activity and wrap it so your kid still has something to open Christmas morning. We’re drawing some sharks and fish to indicate the aquarium for Jackson!

Clothes. They may not be the most fun to open but they sure are functional. Between spit ups and blow outs, scraped knees and nose bleeds, spaghetti explosions and tree branch fights, clothes don’t always last long even if they still technically fit.

Stacking Blocks or Rings.

Play Kitchen, BBQ, etc.

Puzzles. Melissa and Doug make some great ones.

Bike or scooter.

Ball. So simple but so much fun!

Stocking stuffers:

Gold chocolate coins
Gummies, goldfish, puree pouches, raisins, etc.
Magically growing sponge or washcloth. My mom bought one for Jackson last year and I think Bryan was more in awe. He thought it was sooooo cool.
Playdough, Whistle, Small Board Book, Shovel (endless fun in mulch or dirt), playing cards, small truck, GI Joes, matchbox cars, etc.


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