Gift Guide: For Him


For the man in your life, be it your significant other, a parent or a grandparent. Or even a good friend!

Home Brewers Kit. This is Bry’s gift this year and I’m giddy for Christmas as I cannot wait to see the excitement on his face. He’s going to be so surprised! Unless he reads this post early. This kit is great for the man who wants to delve into homebrewing but is starting at square one. It’s foolproof, affordable and only requires a small amount of space. It comes with a choice of beer kit recipes to go with it (you get one for free with the kit) so you can tailor it to your loved one’s preference. And if you’re totally clueless when it comes to beer aside from you know it tastes good, they have a fantastic and friendly customer service center open 7 days a week! I did in fact call them asking for help deciphering beer types while almost inaudible due to laryngitis.

Straight Edge Razor. Another past Christmas gift and I’ll be honest, he never touches it after he shaved his face to look like he was mauled by a rapid animal but a few YouTube videos and some research into how to use them correctly could protect your guy and make him feel like a manly man for using an old school razor. Or so they say. Bry now has a full blown beard. Which also saves money on razors.

Gift Card to a home improvement store. Nothing hints, “get on that honey-do list” like a gift card to Home Depot but honestly, men love that store. Put them near power tools, give them an odd job and prepare to not see them for several hours while they feel powerful and manly and you very likely end up with an even bigger project than you started with (men know everything, thus they do not need to consult experts. “How hard can this be?!” Famous last words.)

A bottle of their favorite alcohol, case of beer or bottle of wine. Clueless as to where to start? Fireball whiskey is popular this year and dangerously delicious.

Coffee Mug. You could go the traditional route or add a personalized touch. For Father’s Day this past year I took the boys to a local art studio where they painted mugs for Daddy and Pappy. They both loved them. And they’re useful.

Stocking stuffers:

Hiking, athletic or regular socks depending on your guy’s preferences.

Mini bottles of liquor.

Personalized Keychain. I bought this one for Bry one year and he loved it. He’s not a jewelry wearer but he always has his keys with him.


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