New Year’s Resolutions: 2015

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year again where we all resolve to completely change our lives. Many people focus on their health and pack the gyms, some focus on work be it in an office or as a parent, others make it a goal to complete a certain task. I decided to resolve to do it all. Overachiever much? No. Just dillusional.

This year here are some of my resolutions, in no particular order.

1. Be a better mommy. I think I’m pretty good at this job of mine but there are always areas for improvement. I want to make it a point to have more adventures from play dates to museum explorations, play time at open gym and zoo discoveries. We’ve been doing a lot more of this since winter came since it’s the only way to escape cabin fever. And the kids have loved it! I have too though the days we venture out on such grand adventures usually end with my head in my dinner plate at 5pm from pure exhaustion. They usually require ruined naptimes that lead to overtired kids reaping complete distruction but in the midst of it all, there’s this light in their eyes of wonder and enjoyment that make it all worth while. And the memories? They’re priceless. I also want to be more present. Put away the phone and the constant urge to check it in between snapping photos and just enjoy the moment more.


2. Read more. All that time I spend doing a million useless things during that rare downtime I want to spend reading instead. My reach goal is 52 books, one for every week. But realistically I’d like to read at least 24, two a month. I’m really into memoirs right now and absolutely obsessed with Oyster. I’m currently working on Waiting To Be Heard by Amanda Knox.


3. Stay consistent with exercise. I nailed this last year and just want to continue on he activity streak. Having the Cherry blossom 10 miler on the schedule for April has definitely helped hold me accountable which has been great this winter. I started off the new year with a great 6 mile run while listening to serial, even though a nap on the couch sounded oh so tempting. I want to ideally run 3 times a week (or at the very least two runs and a spin class) and strength train twice a week. I also want to practice yoga more consistently.


4. Probably the biggest resolution this year has been our decision to stop eating meat. We’re delving into pescetarianism. Something about teaching my kids about animals and thn serving them up on the dinner plate doesn’t sit well with me. I also have genetically high cholesterol and although my HDL is killer because I’m active, I’d like to see what cutting out meat does to my number. Honestly this break up won’t be that hard for me. My Texan husband is even on board. He loves a good challenge.

5. Date my children. I want to spend more one on one time with each kid. An hour once a week where the husband and I split up and each kid gets the solo attention they deserve. We’ve done this once so far and I absolutely loved ye ability to focus solely on Jackson, to go down the slide with him at the park and chase him without causing brain damage in a bouncing Andrew in the ergo. He thought it was the greatest thing on earth that mommy was on the jungle gym with him. And in the midst of toddler tantrums and his search for identity, this time of falling in love with him and seeing the tiny person he’s becoming is sorely needed. Ditto for Andrew who is growing up before my eyes and never had the chance to be the only child. I envision gymboree classes and ice skating lessons but most dates will probably be trips to the park or nature walks.


6. Date my husband! That handsome man who helped me create this wonderful life were living, I miss him. We have a solid marriage that took a long time to create and is always a work in progress. That’s what marriage is after all. This year we became stronger than I ever thought we could be and I fell for him in ways I didn’t know possible. The mix of overcoming tragedy together and welcoming our second son into the world created an even stronger and more unbreakable bond. It also reminded us how short life is and how you never know what’s around the corner, to appreciate and cherish the now. So more one on one time is in the cards including date nights to local restaurants, date runs or workouts, movie nights on the living room floor. Time to truly enjoy one another. 4 years later I still kinda like that man. I know, crazy right?! 😉


So those are what I resolve to do this year. What are your resolutions?



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