Lately: Running & Reading

Sorry about disappearing on ya. Between the holidays and our anniversary last week, we’ve been soaking up family time. I’ve fallen away from using electronics for anything other than reading or taking pictures and thus this space has been eerily silence. I’m working on remedying that and finding a happy medium. Let’s catch up!

I hit a wall with treadmill running and haven’t really been consistently at the gym in weeks. I used to be able to get through the miles by distracting myself with mindless TV Shows like “How to Get Away With Murder” and even by reading (which made me semi nauseous trying to concentrate on words while moving). But eventually I found myself cutting back on mileage and hating every step.

With the two weeks of holidays I had 3 days each week with an extra set of helping hands. I traded in naptime relaxation for outdoor runs and am LOVING them. Some of the runs have been in 22 degree weather and some in rain or snow, but I’ve found that I oddly love winter running. My favorite run was a 4miler in about 4″ of powder. It was awesome and doable thanks to Yaktrax. I don’t have the desire to claw my skin off I’m sweating so profusely, I’m not dripping wet in perspiration and the cold numbs me so my pace has been killer, even with easy runs. I pass the time listening to Serial podcast and come home feeling incredible.

snow run

These are my go to winter running tights and I’ve worn this top from Fabletics every day since it arrived on our door step. It’s awesome! I’m also loving this fleece-lined pullover. I wear it daily. (For sizing I have the pullover and Eureka top in XS and they fit well without being skin tight. I have a size S for the tights–they have a drawstring to help hold them up if you’re in between sizes. I hope to have a new post up soon about my latest favorite running gear).

I’ve been consuming books lately. I’ve fallen in love with reading again and find myself obsessed with memoirs. The latest read was “A House in the Sky” which is easily one of the best, if not the best, book I’ve ever read. It’s Amanda Linhout’s account of her life and how she became a self made struggling journalist who finds herself kidnapped in Somalia and held hostage for 15 months. The majority of the book is about her time in captivity and the ordeals she had to endure. She’s an amazing woman and the book was absolutely enthralling.



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