Weekday Ramblings

I don’t really have a set post to write about today but hate how silent this space has been lately. So I figure I’ll just start writing and go with whatever pours out.

I feel like I blinked and suddenly my children aren’t such babies anymore. Even my baby isn’t much of a baby anymore. He’s filling out, sprouting up and constantly on the move. He walks from place to place with ease (while holding on to something) and is starting to attempt standing unassisted. I’m not ready for him to grow up yet.

IMG_20150120_180921He’s now 22lbs 11oz and 30.7″ tall!


I came across some old pictures of Jackson when he was Andrew’s age and it brought me to tears. Where did this baby go?!


When did he get so big? Where did the time go? I’m constantly wishing I could push a pause button on life and enjoy this fleeting years forever.


I’ve been feeling particularly ho hum about running lately. Well, about exercise in general. With snow and ice everywhere I’d rather sit inside curled up reading on my iPad then venturing to the gym or using naptime for runs. Today in particular the last thing I wanted to do was run. But the kids were starting to freak out from cabin fever and I desperately needed to get my lazy butt moving. Per my theoretical training plan I set out to do 4 super easy miles. I’m happy to report, I survived! 4 miles at an average 9:09 pace with a 1/4 mile warm up and cool down at 3.5mph (17:07 min/mi). I left feeling energized and both kids had a blast snacking and playing at daycare.


This weekend we sleep trained Andrew. It only took us 9.5 months but we finally did it. I’ve been delaying because he’s a really good sleeper. He goes down about 6:30 every night and would sleep until 2am when I’d give him a bottle and he’d be out again until 4:30. Bry gets up early for work anyway so that worked for us. But after the pediatrician told us we really needed to get him sleeping through the night now or risk a major battle when he’s older trying to extend his sleep, we decided to just get it over with. We used the Ferber method like we did with Jack by just letting him cry it out. I’ll fully admit that within 2 minutes I was crying along with him begging Bryan to just give him a bottle because our poor baby was clearly starving to death. But he held strong, I cried into a pillow trying to erase the pit in my stomach and before I knew it, it was 6am and we’d all slept! The next night was about 3 minutes of fussing and since then he’s been sleeping until 6-6:30am without problem. He still fusses a bit, trying to get comfortable, around 3:30am and unfortunately I have mom ears and it wakes me up every time. The last two nights I haven’t been able to go back to sleep so coffee is my best friend this week.


We also decided to finally convert Jackson’s crib to a toddler bed. Yes, at almost 2 and a half and the size of most 4-5 year olds, he was still in his crib. For the simple fact that we liked him caged. It put our minds at ease. But the conversion to a toddler bed has been remarkably unremarkable. He enjoys it and has been really good about staying in it. Well, sometimes. And other mornings I walk in to find every toy he can find in bed surrounding him and him lying underneath it all with this innocent expression asking “how’d this get here?”

We got some snow this week. Not like Boston but a good 3-4 inches and Jackson went bananas. He put his shoes on the wrong feet, opened the deadbolt to the front door and ran outside with nothing but his pajamas on. I finally wrangled him back in, with the promise of hot chocolate,  to get on real snow clothes so we could play. He couldn’t get enough.

IMG_20150123_072112 IMG_20150126_172428


I’ve been fairly overwhelmed lately by being stuck in the house with two energetic kids who want to explore everything they shouldn’t explore and who manage to find trouble in the most mundane things. I’ve been counting down the minutes until bedtime and a socially acceptable hour to uncork the wine bottle. Between the lack of movement and the cabin fever, it’s been rough. But now that we’re finally venturing out some more I feel my sanity coming back and I’m able to be more present with the boys. And in those moments, I have so much fun. As overwhelming and exhausting as motherhood and life often are, I feel so lucky to be living this particular life. These kids, they make it wonderful ❤



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