Day In The Life (& WIAW)

4:30am: Wake up to Bry telling me it’s time to go. Throw on some sweats and drive to drop him off at work.

5:30am: Arrive back home and immediately crash on the couch. If I try to get back into bed Andrew, the baby with the hypersonic ears, will wake up.

6am: I hear Andrew screaming from his pack n play. I run to get him before he can wake up big brother. I change him and make him a bottle. He’s super clingy and tired still. I’m fairly certain he’s going through a growth spurt: mental? physical? both? Walking is in the very near future. We spent the next hour and a half rocking and playing in the living room. I feed him a banana and guzzle down a cup of coffee.


7:30am: Andrew’s ready for a nap and big brother is up. I change Andrew, put him to bed and go to brush my teeth. Jackson gets out of his bed and joins me. We have a brushing party and I ask him how he slept. We head upstairs.


7:45am: I change him and make us breakfast. Waffle, yogurt and an unpictured orange for him and 4 eggs + shriacha + avocado with 2 slices of sprouted toast slathered in Earth Balance for me. He asks to watch Santa for the 43,923th time. He couldn’t really care less about the big man when it was actually Christmas time but with all the snow we’ve been getting he’s suddenly obsessed with watching all things Santa. And reindeer.


9am: I start to pack up snacks and lunches for the day. We have a busy non-stop day ahead and we won’t have time to come back home for food. I pack myself some hummus, celery/carrots/mini bell peppers, the greatest granola bar known to woman and some cottage cheese sprinkled with black pepper. I also gobble down a slice of PB toast with cinnamon.

20150225_091927 20150225_091619

9:30am: I get dressed for the gym, get Andrew, change everyone and rush out the door. We head to the gym and narrowly make it to the 10am Spin, Sculpt & Stretch class with my favorite instructor.

9:55am: I’ve never taken the class before but I’m excited to see what it’s all about. I naively grab 5lb weights. I set up my bike and wait for the class to start.

11:05am: I’m drenched in sweat and my arms ache. The class was brutal in the greatest possible way. I head to the locker room to wash my face, refill my water bottle and head downstairs to get the boys from childcare. I find Jackson sitting watching a movie and Andrew cuddling one of the caregivers. I sneak up next to Jax and scare him so badly he falls out of the chair…and then we both start laughing uncontrollably. He loves to be scared. Andrew notices me and starts freaking out. He cries and screams as he frantically crawls across the floor to get to me. I pick him up and he gives me the biggest smile in the world. I love those boys.

11:25am: Leave gym and head to gymnastics. We park in the front and I crawl into the backseat between the boys so we can have lunch. We eat.


11:55am: We head into gymnastics. I change Andrew, sign in, we take off our coats and shoes and head into open gym. We meet up with 2 of our closest friends and the boys spend the next hour climbing, jumping, running and swinging their hearts out. Today they have the big train moon bounce and Jackson loves it. I spent a glorious hour catching up with my two best mama friends while intermittently rushing off to save Andrew or Jackson.


1pm: Say our goodbyes and head to the car. Jackson just started Augmentin Monday and it’s not agreeing with his belly either. I change him and he screams from a horrible diaper rash. I feel horrible for him. We head out to pick up Daddy from work.

1:45pm: Collect Daddy! Head home to get the boys to bed.

2:30pm: After showers for me and Jackson the boys go down for their afternoon naps. I eat some leftover lo mein and a bowl of deconstructed granola. Then I crash on the couch with a book and promptly fall asleep.


4pm: Everyone’s up. Diaper changes ensue. I get food together for both of them and once they’re set up eating I beeline to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher and start dinner.

4:30pm: Start dinner. I send up a little thank you to the Blue Apron Gods for making decision making so easy.


5:15pm: Dinner is done. I do the dishes while I cook so the kitchen is still spotless when it’s time to eat. Horray! We sit down to eat. Halfway through Jackson starts complaining about needing to potty so I help him.


5:45pm: Finish dinner, collect dishes, start dishwasher. While Bryan plays with the boys I put out some last minute trash and recycling.

6:20pm: Begin bedtime routine. Bry showers with Andrew while I help Jackson brush his teeth. When Andrew is clean I grab him so Bryan can finish showering and I dry him off, change him and put him to bed with a new bottle. I go into the nursery with Jackson and we read for the next 20 minutes. Then I tuck him in and kiss him goodnight.

7pm: I say goodnight to Bryan and go to make a to do list a mile long. If I don’t write it all down I won’t be able to sleep. 20 minutes later I head to bed myself. I hear Jackson still talking from his room so I go to check on him. He announces he’s awake. I ask him if he wants me to sing to him and he says yes so we sing and I rub his back. Then he falls asleep. I head back to bed and spend the next 30 minutes tossing and turning until I finally fall asleep too. The end.


Stitch Fix #6

I know, I know. Every one of these posts has read that it’s the last one and then a month or so goes by and another review appears. Thanks you a beautiful friend who signed up for Stitch Fix herself, I received a $25 referral credit which meant I had to get just one more fix.

I jumped at the idea to try the service again after my fifth and best fix. I’ve been feeling the familiar disappointment with my “wardrobe” if it could even be classified as such. I spend 15 minutes just trying to find something that fits and looks remotely put together, that isn’t pajamas or running clothes and inevitably land on one of three outfits. And by outfits I mean 3 different shirts with my one and only favorite pair of dark wash skinnies from Old Navy I got for $8 2 years ago. Fashionista, I am not. But I am frugal.

Moving on. So my box arrived yesterday, warmly greeting by our barking dog. I ran to the front door and ripped it open. I was so excited to see that this fix was done by the same stylist who did my last fix, Randall. Randall is amazing. Somehow, he just gets me.

I asked for all shirts and maybe one dress. I wanted items that would transition well into the Spring and that were comfortable since my full time job requires chasing around two little ones. Randall delivered.

Item #1: Papermoon Dilley Knit Top- XS $48

Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear but it is also what populates 50% of my drawers. I asked for colors with this fix so I was a little sad that this gray sweater showed up. And then I picked it up. If they made blankets of this material, I would swim in them. It is so stinking soft. It’s light and airy which would make it the perfect spring sweater. It’s extremely comfortable, moveable and really pretty. I loved it!


However, it’s about 2-3″ too short. I know cropped tops are in right now but when you are constantly picking up your children, bending over, standing up, throwing said kids into the air, the last thing you want at mommy play group is your midriff showing.


It’s a really wonderful sweater and if you wear a tank underneath I’m sure you could combat the length issue, but for $48 I couldn’t see myself wearing it a ton. Especially once the weather warms up and layering would be too hot. It’s a looser shirt without being too loose but again with the short size issue it makes me look boxy.


I’ll try it on again with a tank top before I make my final decision because it really is that soft. Also, Bry’s first comment upon seeing it on “wow, that’s really pretty”. Coming from a man of little words on fashion topics, that’s a huge thumbs up.

Item #2- Loveappella Dooly Knit Tank- XS $48

Again with the softest material known to woman. I may or may not have rubbed my face all over it when I first felt it. I really liked this shirt, especially because of how soft it was. I loved the fact that the front was patterned and the back was solid.


The length was great and it’s loose without being boxy. It’s a really cute shirt with a great keyhole? back.


However, it’s a cotton tank top for $48 and you can see my bra straps. The price just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I couldn’t justify it.


Item #3-Renee C Melody Cowl Neck Dress- S $38

I love this dress! It’s the perfect color, it, like the theme of this box, is very soft. It’s made of a light sweater material to bring down the fancy factor.


I love the longer length, the ruching detail and cowl neck. If I still worked in an office I’d absolutely buy this. I mean that price for this dress. 100% worth it…if I could picture even one time I’d wear it. still debating keeping it because it really is wonderful. Maybe I’ll save it for when I go back to work?


Item #4- Papermoon Fletcher Lace Trim Blouse- XS $48

I love the detailing on this blouse. It truly takes it from meh to wow.


But even so it’s just another black tank top, like the one I received two fixes ago. I saw this came in white as well and really wish I’d been send the white one. I’d absolutely have kept it then. But I really have zero need for another black tank.


Sad to see this go.


Item #5- Olive & Oak Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt- XS $48

I know, I know. $48 for a t-shirt? Oh you guys, I’ve had this shirt pinned for months. It’s just so me. First, it’s softer than Andrew’s baby skin that’s saying something.


It fits so well that it’s perfect for everyday wear: perfect length, fitted but not form fitted and the colors are fun!


Yes. YES. YES!


Jackson insisted on being held for the photoshoot as his temperature spiked to 103.8 out of nowhere. Whomp whomp. poor little guy. Off to make him feel better with all the medicine and lots of extra snuggles.


I seriously debated buying all 5 items I loved this fix so much. It was amazing and again, most of the items I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. Stitchfix nailed it again and as always, it was so much fun to get a surprise wardrobe on my front step!

What do you think I should keep?

Snow Day 2015

We finally got some real snow for the first time this year. Overnight Monday it steadily snowed allowing us to wake up Tuesday morning to 5″ or so of the beautiful white stuff. There’s something about snow that just makes everything more beautiful, days seem more magical and Winter finally feel like it’s arrived. We much prefer it to the 8 degree dreary days we’ve been having the past few weeks.


This year Jackson has been especially enamored with it. He loves to shovel it, throw it, sled in it and sometimes to just throw himself onto it and makes snow angels with a giant smile on his face. We started off with breakfast before I headed across the street to the doctor for Andrew.

20150217_082032 IMG_20150217_075211

After our 2nd week of illnesses for the entire house, Andrew still isn’t better. In fact, he seems to be getting worse. Yesterday he woke up with a higher fever (101.8) and extremely blood shot eyes. He looks and sounds miserable. He fell asleep in my arms waiting for the doctor.


I plan to officially switch pediatricians this week after months of debate but I just don’t mesh well with our doctor. He’s brash, lacks bedside manner, is preachy and often makes grand statements about things he’s told you before that he’s never actually told you. Yesterday he spent 15 minutes lecturing me on bringing in a kid for every single cold before barely assessing Andrew and just diagnosing him with a cold that according to him last 3-4 weeks. Mind you, that may very well be the diagnosis but that’s not the type of personality you desire from a doctor who is supposed to care about the well-being of your child.

Imagine my surprise when Andrew’s temperature jumped to 102.8 by the afternoon and this morning both eyes are almost completely red. He’s definitely declined in the last 24 hours and I’ll be taking him back in to see one of the other doctors.

Once we got home from that experience I put Andrew down for a nap and Jack and I bundled up to head outside and shovel. Jax is becoming quite the shoveling pro!


The only way I can get him to come inside despite popsicle fingers and frozen cheeks is by luring him with the promise of hot cocoa. We spent the rest of the morning sipping hot cocoa and watching movies.

During naptime I made my favorite snack: deconstructed granola and enjoyed it on the couch while watching The Bachelor.


Both kids woke up, Andrew worse for the wear, so I got us all in the shower in hopes of bringing down Andrew’s temperature and ridding some of his congestion.


We got dressed back in our pajamas, played with trains and read books. By the time daddy got home we were ready to play in the snow some more. My mom graciously watched Andrew while Jack got some solo mommy/daddy time. We headed over to a big hill in our neighborhood and spent the next half hour sledding our hearts out.


Jackson is obsessed. He cannot get enough of it. I could have stayed out there all day as well but his gloves aren’t waterproof and his hands were already fairly frozen.


We came home to play some more, sit down to a hearty Blue Apron meal and all snuggle up in bed early. It was such a wonderful day where you feel so grateful for the little things and so lucky to be able to share them with your little ones. I just hope my littlest feels better soon. How much snow do y’all have?

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was a fun one! It was a great mix of relaxation and adventure.

Saturday the boys and I stayed in all day. The boys were still quite snotty and recovering from their respective colds. We played in the living room with trains and trucks, watched Curious George and read books.


After naptime Jackson woke up screaming! I sprinted to his room and he was crying and looked horrible. His ears were bright red and he just held onto me crying. I immediately called the pediatrician to see if we could make an appointment suspecting an ear infection. We were lucky enough to get in and 5 minutes later we were in their waiting room. Jackson was so sweet getting his vitals taken. Verdict: double ear infection. He’s now on antibiotics and back to normal.


Sunday was a fun one! Bry worked all weekend which was disappointing and less than ideal as it’s hard to go 12 straight days with no break. But we packed up the car and headed to the aquarium with grandma. It was Jackson’s first time since he was 7 months old and Andrews first time ever. They both had a blast.

Jackson ran around screaming “Look! A shark!”


Andrew stood up against the glass and waved and watched he fish go by.


It was a really fun day. I love experiencing these things through my kids eyes. Even if they won’t sit still long enough for me to enjoy my favorite part: the dolphins!

Before we even pulled out of our parking spot both boys were passed out.

20150208_125024 IMG_20150209_041921

We spent the evening cuddling


And practicing our walking! Yup, Andrew walks (while pushing big brothers toy fire truck). It’s equally adorable and terrifying. We played around taking pictures too…cause these two, they’re growing up too fast.

IMG_8116 IMG_8117 IMG_8113 IMG_8112 IMG_8118

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Sick Day

Tuesday we had a play date at our favorite indoor gymnastics center.mjackson finally attempted the rope swing and was rather impressive. Andrew crawled and climbed his heart out and had a blast making new friends.


By the time we left he was a snotty mess. Yesterday he woke up having taken a turn for the worse. He was covered from head to toe in snot with a bad raspy cough like he’d started to lose his voice. When big brother awoke he was sniffling and complaining “me sick, Booboo” pointing to his throat. We decided to scrap our gym plans with grandma in favor of lunch and quarantine at home. Which included toddler yoga.


The only upside to colds is the extra cuddles. By the afternoon both boys had low grade fevers and my throat began to tickle. No doubt due to big brother sharing my water bottle and Andrew shoving his baby fingers up my nose.


Thankfully dinner was already decided by Blue Apron. We had salmon with miso broth, perfect for a sickly dinner. It was really good though it could’ve used more flavor.


Unfortunately they also messed up our order this week and sent us double ingredients for the salmon seasonings and none for one of the other meals. Major bummer.

After dinner we spent an hour at the park soaking up the random 50 degree evening and exerting some pent up energy.

IMG_20150204_162706 IMG_20150204_164123

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday started off at the gym with a mile run and half mile walk on the treadmill. After warming up I went downstairs to the weight room and played around for a half hour doing bar squats (40lbs + bar), bar lunges (20lbs + bar), seatbelts (shoulder burner where you first move the dumbbell across you as if you’re putting on a seatbelt then bring it back across your body and press up. Repeat), tricep overhead extensions, tricep presses and woodchops all using 15lb dumbbells, plus 20 push-ups wih my feet on a stability ball.


Enjoy that lovely gem. How you look when you’re trying to take a discreet selfie in the middle of crowded weight room. And while it appears I have not an ounce of muscle in this picture (and some horrible posture), I swear I do. It’s just hiding.

Once nice and sweaty I picked up the boys from childcare where Jackson eagerly showed me a giant toy plane he was playing with and Andrew happily chewed on a rattle (until he saw me and busted out in tears). We headed home for a shower, lunch and naptime. Daddy texted right as the boys woke up that we was off work. Perfect timing! With diaper changes all around and a quick grabbing of snacks we headed out to pick up Bry then went to the nature center to visit the snakes, turtles and even an owl!

IMG_20150130_154445 IMG_20150130_154851

We grabbed some Mac and cheese from panera for the boys and ended up getting chipotle for ourselves. Our fridge was barren. And chipotle is always a good idea.


Saturday morning our fridge was still looking particularly sad. We were down to one egg and 2 butts of the bread loaf. I started a new book and drank much needed coffee. Once the boys were all up we got dressed and headed out to breakfast at a local deli.


We rarely go out to breakfast so it was a real treat. Both boys were really good and Jackson actually ordered his own food. When the waitress came around to ask what we’d like he looked up at her and said “Um, me wa-er? And cake, peaaase” Bry and I almost died laughing he was so cute.


Andrew made a colossal mess eating a giant pancake and loved every bite. I had the breakfast quesadilla with eggs, spinach, Swiss cheese and veggie bacon with guacamole and salsa and a side of hashbrowns. It was delicious!


After breakfast we headed home for a quick nap for Drew. Once he woke up we ran errands including much needed grocery shopping. Jackson requested popcorn from target and though it tasted a few days old it was still quite tasty!


We eventually made it home in time for dual naps (Jackson fell asleep on the way home and despite trying to keep him away wih pokes, prods and baby brother screeching at him he was out).

The rest of the day was spent building endless train tracks, a fun bath time that involved Jackson peeing into the bath water and Andrew getting a shiner from slipping in an attempt to pull up onto the edge, reading bedtime stories and eventually watching The Notebook which despite seeing numerous times still leaves me in a heap of tears.


Sunday morning Jackson woke up yelling “Doooooonuts!” Despite desperately wanting to fulfill his request not just because we almost fell over laughing when we heard him but donuts are always a good idea, we decided against it as to not get into the habit of pumping his innocent body full of all the sugar. So at lunch time we ended up meeting my mom at Jason’s Deli for endless salad bar deliciousness and ended it with a gigantic ice cream cone. Whomp whomp.


Jackson spent the car ride home singing and basically losing his mind with unused energy.

Once home naps ensued and I ran out for a much needed haircut. My first since August! It basically looks exactly the same minus the mullet that was growing out from my bottom layer.

Then we watched the Super Bowl while shoveling copious amounts of chips and dips into our mouths while I broke the cardinal rule and fell asleep just before halftime. Another fun and lazy weekend in the books. Hope yours was wonderful as well!