Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday started off at the gym with a mile run and half mile walk on the treadmill. After warming up I went downstairs to the weight room and played around for a half hour doing bar squats (40lbs + bar), bar lunges (20lbs + bar), seatbelts (shoulder burner where you first move the dumbbell across you as if you’re putting on a seatbelt then bring it back across your body and press up. Repeat), tricep overhead extensions, tricep presses and woodchops all using 15lb dumbbells, plus 20 push-ups wih my feet on a stability ball.


Enjoy that lovely gem. How you look when you’re trying to take a discreet selfie in the middle of crowded weight room. And while it appears I have not an ounce of muscle in this picture (and some horrible posture), I swear I do. It’s just hiding.

Once nice and sweaty I picked up the boys from childcare where Jackson eagerly showed me a giant toy plane he was playing with and Andrew happily chewed on a rattle (until he saw me and busted out in tears). We headed home for a shower, lunch and naptime. Daddy texted right as the boys woke up that we was off work. Perfect timing! With diaper changes all around and a quick grabbing of snacks we headed out to pick up Bry then went to the nature center to visit the snakes, turtles and even an owl!

IMG_20150130_154445 IMG_20150130_154851

We grabbed some Mac and cheese from panera for the boys and ended up getting chipotle for ourselves. Our fridge was barren. And chipotle is always a good idea.


Saturday morning our fridge was still looking particularly sad. We were down to one egg and 2 butts of the bread loaf. I started a new book and drank much needed coffee. Once the boys were all up we got dressed and headed out to breakfast at a local deli.


We rarely go out to breakfast so it was a real treat. Both boys were really good and Jackson actually ordered his own food. When the waitress came around to ask what we’d like he looked up at her and said “Um, me wa-er? And cake, peaaase” Bry and I almost died laughing he was so cute.


Andrew made a colossal mess eating a giant pancake and loved every bite. I had the breakfast quesadilla with eggs, spinach, Swiss cheese and veggie bacon with guacamole and salsa and a side of hashbrowns. It was delicious!


After breakfast we headed home for a quick nap for Drew. Once he woke up we ran errands including much needed grocery shopping. Jackson requested popcorn from target and though it tasted a few days old it was still quite tasty!


We eventually made it home in time for dual naps (Jackson fell asleep on the way home and despite trying to keep him away wih pokes, prods and baby brother screeching at him he was out).

The rest of the day was spent building endless train tracks, a fun bath time that involved Jackson peeing into the bath water and Andrew getting a shiner from slipping in an attempt to pull up onto the edge, reading bedtime stories and eventually watching The Notebook which despite seeing numerous times still leaves me in a heap of tears.


Sunday morning Jackson woke up yelling “Doooooonuts!” Despite desperately wanting to fulfill his request not just because we almost fell over laughing when we heard him but donuts are always a good idea, we decided against it as to not get into the habit of pumping his innocent body full of all the sugar. So at lunch time we ended up meeting my mom at Jason’s Deli for endless salad bar deliciousness and ended it with a gigantic ice cream cone. Whomp whomp.


Jackson spent the car ride home singing and basically losing his mind with unused energy.

Once home naps ensued and I ran out for a much needed haircut. My first since August! It basically looks exactly the same minus the mullet that was growing out from my bottom layer.

Then we watched the Super Bowl while shoveling copious amounts of chips and dips into our mouths while I broke the cardinal rule and fell asleep just before halftime. Another fun and lazy weekend in the books. Hope yours was wonderful as well!


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