Sick Day

Tuesday we had a play date at our favorite indoor gymnastics center.mjackson finally attempted the rope swing and was rather impressive. Andrew crawled and climbed his heart out and had a blast making new friends.


By the time we left he was a snotty mess. Yesterday he woke up having taken a turn for the worse. He was covered from head to toe in snot with a bad raspy cough like he’d started to lose his voice. When big brother awoke he was sniffling and complaining “me sick, Booboo” pointing to his throat. We decided to scrap our gym plans with grandma in favor of lunch and quarantine at home. Which included toddler yoga.


The only upside to colds is the extra cuddles. By the afternoon both boys had low grade fevers and my throat began to tickle. No doubt due to big brother sharing my water bottle and Andrew shoving his baby fingers up my nose.


Thankfully dinner was already decided by Blue Apron. We had salmon with miso broth, perfect for a sickly dinner. It was really good though it could’ve used more flavor.


Unfortunately they also messed up our order this week and sent us double ingredients for the salmon seasonings and none for one of the other meals. Major bummer.

After dinner we spent an hour at the park soaking up the random 50 degree evening and exerting some pent up energy.

IMG_20150204_162706 IMG_20150204_164123


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