Snow Day 2015

We finally got some real snow for the first time this year. Overnight Monday it steadily snowed allowing us to wake up Tuesday morning to 5″ or so of the beautiful white stuff. There’s something about snow that just makes everything more beautiful, days seem more magical and Winter finally feel like it’s arrived. We much prefer it to the 8 degree dreary days we’ve been having the past few weeks.


This year Jackson has been especially enamored with it. He loves to shovel it, throw it, sled in it and sometimes to just throw himself onto it and makes snow angels with a giant smile on his face. We started off with breakfast before I headed across the street to the doctor for Andrew.

20150217_082032 IMG_20150217_075211

After our 2nd week of illnesses for the entire house, Andrew still isn’t better. In fact, he seems to be getting worse. Yesterday he woke up with a higher fever (101.8) and extremely blood shot eyes. He looks and sounds miserable. He fell asleep in my arms waiting for the doctor.


I plan to officially switch pediatricians this week after months of debate but I just don’t mesh well with our doctor. He’s brash, lacks bedside manner, is preachy and often makes grand statements about things he’s told you before that he’s never actually told you. Yesterday he spent 15 minutes lecturing me on bringing in a kid for every single cold before barely assessing Andrew and just diagnosing him with a cold that according to him last 3-4 weeks. Mind you, that may very well be the diagnosis but that’s not the type of personality you desire from a doctor who is supposed to care about the well-being of your child.

Imagine my surprise when Andrew’s temperature jumped to 102.8 by the afternoon and this morning both eyes are almost completely red. He’s definitely declined in the last 24 hours and I’ll be taking him back in to see one of the other doctors.

Once we got home from that experience I put Andrew down for a nap and Jack and I bundled up to head outside and shovel. Jax is becoming quite the shoveling pro!


The only way I can get him to come inside despite popsicle fingers and frozen cheeks is by luring him with the promise of hot cocoa. We spent the rest of the morning sipping hot cocoa and watching movies.

During naptime I made my favorite snack: deconstructed granola and enjoyed it on the couch while watching The Bachelor.


Both kids woke up, Andrew worse for the wear, so I got us all in the shower in hopes of bringing down Andrew’s temperature and ridding some of his congestion.


We got dressed back in our pajamas, played with trains and read books. By the time daddy got home we were ready to play in the snow some more. My mom graciously watched Andrew while Jack got some solo mommy/daddy time. We headed over to a big hill in our neighborhood and spent the next half hour sledding our hearts out.


Jackson is obsessed. He cannot get enough of it. I could have stayed out there all day as well but his gloves aren’t waterproof and his hands were already fairly frozen.


We came home to play some more, sit down to a hearty Blue Apron meal and all snuggle up in bed early. It was such a wonderful day where you feel so grateful for the little things and so lucky to be able to share them with your little ones. I just hope my littlest feels better soon. How much snow do y’all have?


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