Stitch Fix #6

I know, I know. Every one of these posts has read that it’s the last one and then a month or so goes by and another review appears. Thanks you a beautiful friend who signed up for Stitch Fix herself, I received a $25 referral credit which meant I had to get just one more fix.

I jumped at the idea to try the service again after my fifth and best fix. I’ve been feeling the familiar disappointment with my “wardrobe” if it could even be classified as such. I spend 15 minutes just trying to find something that fits and looks remotely put together, that isn’t pajamas or running clothes and inevitably land on one of three outfits. And by outfits I mean 3 different shirts with my one and only favorite pair of dark wash skinnies from Old Navy I got for $8 2 years ago. Fashionista, I am not. But I am frugal.

Moving on. So my box arrived yesterday, warmly greeting by our barking dog. I ran to the front door and ripped it open. I was so excited to see that this fix was done by the same stylist who did my last fix, Randall. Randall is amazing. Somehow, he just gets me.

I asked for all shirts and maybe one dress. I wanted items that would transition well into the Spring and that were comfortable since my full time job requires chasing around two little ones. Randall delivered.

Item #1: Papermoon Dilley Knit Top- XS $48

Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear but it is also what populates 50% of my drawers. I asked for colors with this fix so I was a little sad that this gray sweater showed up. And then I picked it up. If they made blankets of this material, I would swim in them. It is so stinking soft. It’s light and airy which would make it the perfect spring sweater. It’s extremely comfortable, moveable and really pretty. I loved it!


However, it’s about 2-3″ too short. I know cropped tops are in right now but when you are constantly picking up your children, bending over, standing up, throwing said kids into the air, the last thing you want at mommy play group is your midriff showing.


It’s a really wonderful sweater and if you wear a tank underneath I’m sure you could combat the length issue, but for $48 I couldn’t see myself wearing it a ton. Especially once the weather warms up and layering would be too hot. It’s a looser shirt without being too loose but again with the short size issue it makes me look boxy.


I’ll try it on again with a tank top before I make my final decision because it really is that soft. Also, Bry’s first comment upon seeing it on “wow, that’s really pretty”. Coming from a man of little words on fashion topics, that’s a huge thumbs up.

Item #2- Loveappella Dooly Knit Tank- XS $48

Again with the softest material known to woman. I may or may not have rubbed my face all over it when I first felt it. I really liked this shirt, especially because of how soft it was. I loved the fact that the front was patterned and the back was solid.


The length was great and it’s loose without being boxy. It’s a really cute shirt with a great keyhole? back.


However, it’s a cotton tank top for $48 and you can see my bra straps. The price just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I couldn’t justify it.


Item #3-Renee C Melody Cowl Neck Dress- S $38

I love this dress! It’s the perfect color, it, like the theme of this box, is very soft. It’s made of a light sweater material to bring down the fancy factor.


I love the longer length, the ruching detail and cowl neck. If I still worked in an office I’d absolutely buy this. I mean that price for this dress. 100% worth it…if I could picture even one time I’d wear it. still debating keeping it because it really is wonderful. Maybe I’ll save it for when I go back to work?


Item #4- Papermoon Fletcher Lace Trim Blouse- XS $48

I love the detailing on this blouse. It truly takes it from meh to wow.


But even so it’s just another black tank top, like the one I received two fixes ago. I saw this came in white as well and really wish I’d been send the white one. I’d absolutely have kept it then. But I really have zero need for another black tank.


Sad to see this go.


Item #5- Olive & Oak Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt- XS $48

I know, I know. $48 for a t-shirt? Oh you guys, I’ve had this shirt pinned for months. It’s just so me. First, it’s softer than Andrew’s baby skin that’s saying something.


It fits so well that it’s perfect for everyday wear: perfect length, fitted but not form fitted and the colors are fun!


Yes. YES. YES!


Jackson insisted on being held for the photoshoot as his temperature spiked to 103.8 out of nowhere. Whomp whomp. poor little guy. Off to make him feel better with all the medicine and lots of extra snuggles.


I seriously debated buying all 5 items I loved this fix so much. It was amazing and again, most of the items I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. Stitchfix nailed it again and as always, it was so much fun to get a surprise wardrobe on my front step!

What do you think I should keep?


One thought on “Stitch Fix #6

  1. The color of that cowl neck is just beautiful but I think your petite frame is drowning in all that fabric! Love the heathered sweater and the raglan top, though!

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