Day In The Life (& WIAW)

4:30am: Wake up to Bry telling me it’s time to go. Throw on some sweats and drive to drop him off at work.

5:30am: Arrive back home and immediately crash on the couch. If I try to get back into bed Andrew, the baby with the hypersonic ears, will wake up.

6am: I hear Andrew screaming from his pack n play. I run to get him before he can wake up big brother. I change him and make him a bottle. He’s super clingy and tired still. I’m fairly certain he’s going through a growth spurt: mental? physical? both? Walking is in the very near future. We spent the next hour and a half rocking and playing in the living room. I feed him a banana and guzzle down a cup of coffee.


7:30am: Andrew’s ready for a nap and big brother is up. I change Andrew, put him to bed and go to brush my teeth. Jackson gets out of his bed and joins me. We have a brushing party and I ask him how he slept. We head upstairs.


7:45am: I change him and make us breakfast. Waffle, yogurt and an unpictured orange for him and 4 eggs + shriacha + avocado with 2 slices of sprouted toast slathered in Earth Balance for me. He asks to watch Santa for the 43,923th time. He couldn’t really care less about the big man when it was actually Christmas time but with all the snow we’ve been getting he’s suddenly obsessed with watching all things Santa. And reindeer.


9am: I start to pack up snacks and lunches for the day. We have a busy non-stop day ahead and we won’t have time to come back home for food. I pack myself some hummus, celery/carrots/mini bell peppers, the greatest granola bar known to woman and some cottage cheese sprinkled with black pepper. I also gobble down a slice of PB toast with cinnamon.

20150225_091927 20150225_091619

9:30am: I get dressed for the gym, get Andrew, change everyone and rush out the door. We head to the gym and narrowly make it to the 10am Spin, Sculpt & Stretch class with my favorite instructor.

9:55am: I’ve never taken the class before but I’m excited to see what it’s all about. I naively grab 5lb weights. I set up my bike and wait for the class to start.

11:05am: I’m drenched in sweat and my arms ache. The class was brutal in the greatest possible way. I head to the locker room to wash my face, refill my water bottle and head downstairs to get the boys from childcare. I find Jackson sitting watching a movie and Andrew cuddling one of the caregivers. I sneak up next to Jax and scare him so badly he falls out of the chair…and then we both start laughing uncontrollably. He loves to be scared. Andrew notices me and starts freaking out. He cries and screams as he frantically crawls across the floor to get to me. I pick him up and he gives me the biggest smile in the world. I love those boys.

11:25am: Leave gym and head to gymnastics. We park in the front and I crawl into the backseat between the boys so we can have lunch. We eat.


11:55am: We head into gymnastics. I change Andrew, sign in, we take off our coats and shoes and head into open gym. We meet up with 2 of our closest friends and the boys spend the next hour climbing, jumping, running and swinging their hearts out. Today they have the big train moon bounce and Jackson loves it. I spent a glorious hour catching up with my two best mama friends while intermittently rushing off to save Andrew or Jackson.


1pm: Say our goodbyes and head to the car. Jackson just started Augmentin Monday and it’s not agreeing with his belly either. I change him and he screams from a horrible diaper rash. I feel horrible for him. We head out to pick up Daddy from work.

1:45pm: Collect Daddy! Head home to get the boys to bed.

2:30pm: After showers for me and Jackson the boys go down for their afternoon naps. I eat some leftover lo mein and a bowl of deconstructed granola. Then I crash on the couch with a book and promptly fall asleep.


4pm: Everyone’s up. Diaper changes ensue. I get food together for both of them and once they’re set up eating I beeline to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher and start dinner.

4:30pm: Start dinner. I send up a little thank you to the Blue Apron Gods for making decision making so easy.


5:15pm: Dinner is done. I do the dishes while I cook so the kitchen is still spotless when it’s time to eat. Horray! We sit down to eat. Halfway through Jackson starts complaining about needing to potty so I help him.


5:45pm: Finish dinner, collect dishes, start dishwasher. While Bryan plays with the boys I put out some last minute trash and recycling.

6:20pm: Begin bedtime routine. Bry showers with Andrew while I help Jackson brush his teeth. When Andrew is clean I grab him so Bryan can finish showering and I dry him off, change him and put him to bed with a new bottle. I go into the nursery with Jackson and we read for the next 20 minutes. Then I tuck him in and kiss him goodnight.

7pm: I say goodnight to Bryan and go to make a to do list a mile long. If I don’t write it all down I won’t be able to sleep. 20 minutes later I head to bed myself. I hear Jackson still talking from his room so I go to check on him. He announces he’s awake. I ask him if he wants me to sing to him and he says yes so we sing and I rub his back. Then he falls asleep. I head back to bed and spend the next 30 minutes tossing and turning until I finally fall asleep too. The end.


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