Snowy Thursday

All the weather outlets were calling for a massive snowstorm Wednesday night. We went to bed feeling like it was the weekend with utter excitement to wake up to a winter wonderland. Imagine our surprise when we woke up instead to a drizzly mess. All the forecasts shifted their timing for the storm back by over 12 hours so to mask our disappointment, we made our own snowmen.


I highly recommend avoiding the use of frozen berries when playing with your food. They melt.

Thankfully the boys had no problem housing them all. Jackson, my picky little toddler, even asked for seconds! He polished off four massive “snowman cakes” alone!

After breakfast the snow began to fall and fall it did! It snowed for the good portion of 8 hours. After I finished working on some home improvement stuff (we just redesigned two major parts of our living room—the foyer/entry way and the entertainment system and I am head over heels in love with the outcome. What a transformation!), Jack and I hit the snow hill for a mommy/son date of sledding fun while Grandma played in the warmth with Andrew.


Being a mom is hard sometimes. Being a mom of a toddler is often draining. They’re these little humans who want so badly to be able to do things on their own and just can’t yet grasp that sometimes they can’t. Sometimes it’s really dangerous. Anyway, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed in your role as a parent, I highly suggest taking your kid out to do something like sledding. The Vitamin D, the sunshine, the endorphins flowing and that gigantic smile on your kid’s face is absolutely priceless. It cures all bad days.

Jackson is OBSESSED with the snow. I was really excited when they forecasted one last big snowstorm for the year as he’s at the perfect age for all the snowy fun. We sled for awhile, had a miniature snowball fight and he tackled me and we laughed endlessly. There truly is something magical about seeing life through your children’s eyes. It’s priceless.


When the sled wouldn’t move, we improvised by rolling down the hill.

Finally we were drenched and frozen so we packed up and headed back home to the call of warm hot cocoa.

Daddy ended up getting off early. After we put the boys down for naps I headed out for a snowy run, my absolute favorite kind of run while Bry started the massive and endless task of shoveling. I feel for all the true Northerners buried under feet of snow.


I must have looked absolutely insane on my run because I couldn’t stop smiling. Running in the snow is truly breathtaking. The beauty of the nature around you, the feeling as if you’re running on clouds, the cool air that makes you never really feel sweaty. It’s magical. There’s no other way to put it.


I loved every step of my 3.5 miler, even the one directly into a large puddle.


Once home I stretched and warmed up with some wine while chatting with Bry. The boys got up and we headed out for some family sledding fun.


“I’ve got this mama”.


We didn’t last long as Jackson immediately faceplanted in the snow trying to roll down the hill but we still had fun.

We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and once the boys went down and after another round of shoveling (I dug out the car while Bry took care of the sidewalks and steps) we watched Horrible Bosses 2. It was such a fun snow day and I’m grateful we live in a place with seasons as each one holds something fun! I think I’m finally ready to send off Winter and say hello to Spring and just in time for the almost 60 degree temperatures we’re getting this week. Hello playgrounds, zoo, hiking trails and botanical gardens. We’re ready for you!


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