A Sweeter Way to Sweeten

When I first began to change my life to become healthier, one of the first steps I made was to cut out added sugar. It seemed so easy to swap it out for the little pink packets of sweet ‘n’ low when drinking coffee or tea, baking desserts or making savory dishes such as lentil soup.


When we found out we were expecting Jackson visions of all the new studies of how bad artificial sweeteners are for you, flashed before my eyes. I started researching alternatives that would be good for my health, my baby’s health and my already growing waistline. Enter stevia. SweetLeaf Stevia is free of artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates and is gluten free! It doesn’t elicit a glycemic response either which makes it perfect for those trying to manage their blood sugar or calorie intake. I began using stevia to sweeten my morning coffee and afternoon tea. I couldn’t truly tell a difference between it or sugar and began using it in other parts of my diet as well.


Once Jackson was born I continued to use stevia daily. It’s an all natural sweetener made from high-quality stevia leaves and certified organic. The idea of putting natural food into my body was still more appealing than ever. I had something to live a long life for, my son. I also firmly believe a healthy lifestyle is learned and by watching how we eat, our children will grow up mimicking such behaviors because it’s what they’ll know.


SweetLeaf Stevia comes in 35ct or 70ct packets which are perfect for individual uses for beverages but can be used for a variety of other things too. I find pre-flavored yogurts to be unnecessarily high in sugar so I tend to buy plain yogurt and sweeten it with fruit. Greek yogurt tends to still have a bitter and tart taste so I’ll usually add a packet of stevia to Jackson’s yogurt bowls or smoothies to give it a little more sweetness and ensure he’ll eat it.


My dad is pre-diabetic so stevia is a wonderful choice when baking for him. I simply substitute the regular sugar in a recipe with half the amount of stevia. One packet of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. You save money by using half the amount of sweetener, too! And who doesn’t like saving money? IMG_7833 But where I really found the use for stevia fantastic was in dishes like homemade tomato sauce where I appreciated the lack of aftertaste that artificial sweeteners sometimes come with or the overly sweet taste of sugar. SweetLeaf Stevia is something you can feel good about enjoying because it’s good for you! If you want to learn more about SweetLeaf Stevia, you can find them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Just a warning though, their Instagram page is seriously drool worthy. sweetleaf Disclaimer: As a Moms Meets blogger I received this product gratis from May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer, in exchange for my review of it on this blog. As always, all opinions are my own.


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