Idle Chitchat

Both kids are soundly sleeping. At the same time. Insert confetti dropping, fireworks going off, the whole nine yards! I’ve realized I don’t actually know what to do with myself now. I’d take a nap right along side them but they have this sixth sense that alerts them when I close my eyes. The moment I do, theirs spring open and all hell lets loose. So instead I’m sitting here sipping a reheated cup of this morning’s coffee (it’s actually not as bad as it sounds) and chatting with you guys.


I’m really proud of my workouts this week so far. Monday I got my long run in which I find I really like getting out of the way at the beginning of the week. I covered 7 miles at just over a 9 minute pace with a quarter mile warm up and quarter mile cooldown. Thanks to Veronica Mars streaming on Amazon Prime I survived it all on the treadmill. My longest indoor run to date. It wasn’t as terrible as I thought but it definitely wasn’t easy. If nothing else come race day I’ll be faster just from pure excitement to be running on pavement again! Right?

Yesterday I decided to drop into the Tuesday yoga class at my gym. It turns out that one of my favorite instructors teaches it. It was an awesome workout and a wonderful stretch. I really want to add this into my weekly routine. I had to cut the 90 minute practice to 60 minutes to get the boys to gymnastics on time so from now on I’m not scheduling gymnastics on Tuesdays so I can experience the full class. Plus I think it’s rude to leave part way through.

Today I conquered my planned 4 miler. I increased my warm up and cooldowns to a half mile each for a total of 5 miles. My knees are starting to ache a little on the outside so I’m trying to be proactive. I know it’s from increasing my mileage too fast so I’m trying to stretch and give my body good recovery time in order to avoid any real injuries. After my run I did some post run power exercises (20 reps each and 1 total set) plus 20 minutes of good stretching. I hope to stop by the running store on the way home today to see if I’m in need of new shoes again. I have a sneaking suspicion I might have already worn out the wear of my current ones.

While there I hope to pick out a new running tank! I’m in desperate need of one and what better reason than an upcoming race?

I’m debating between this R- Gear camo one:

camo tank

Or this Brooks Bring It Racerback tank:

brooks tank

I just purchased these this morning (they’re on clearance on the Brooks Running website) because I don’t have a single pair of running capris that fit and I absolutely love the tights version for winter running. Race day will most likely be in the 40s so I’m thinking of wearing the capris with a new tank (I overheat extremely fast).

So that’s what’s going on over here. What are you up to?


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