Current Running Facts

What I’m Wearing:

-Top: I have 4 Reebok tanks that I really liked for awhile and even wore from the Baltimore half. They were all $9.99 at Dicks Sporting Goods (I can’t find it online anymore). What’s not to love? But they’ve been causing chafing like crazy lately and have all majorly stretched out. Major bummer. I just invested in the Brooks Bring It Racerback tank and I may never go back to cheap workout clothes again. You guys! This tank feels like butter. It is incredible! I’ve been wearing it daily: to the park, for walks, around the house and even for Sunday’s long run. It is so comfortable and cute to boot! It’s also long and doesn’t ride up. It’s loose without being baggy which is a major win in my book.

-Bottoms: For indoor runs I overheat incredibly fast so I wear shorts. My favorite are the Nike 3″ Tempo shorts but I have my eye on trying some of Brooks. They make some incredible clothes. For outdoor runs, if it’s below freezing I wear my Brooks Infiniti Tights and if it’s between freezing and 50 degrees I wear my Brooks Infiniti Capris. I cannot give enough rave reviews about either. The thick waist band with drawstring and moisture protected back pocket, durability and quality of fabric and suction tape at the bottom of the legs to ensure they don’t ride up during a run make them the perfect running pants. I’ve had the same tights for 3 years and they’re the only pair I wear for winter running. They’re still in great condition! (I’m not affiliated with Brooks in any way besides loving their products)

-Shoes: Brooks Ghost 7’s. I used to be an Asics runner but always had knee problems. I switched to the Ghosts during my last training cycle and have never looked back. I love them and the neutral shoe has been the cure to my knee problems. Who knew?!

Currently Fueling With: I add a scoop of Ultima to my water bottle for runs or long/hard classes. It’s delicious, isn’t fizzy which is something I cannot stand about Nuun and some of the other electrolyte drinks, all natural and really works! I actually stock up on it as a substitute for pedialyte for the boys as well because it’s all natural, sugar free and overall better for them. Gus have never gelled with me (see what I did there?). If I’m going for a long run I use Gu Chomps or Shot Bloks. This last run I had neither so I took a packet of Annie’s Organic Gummy Bunnies and they were incredible!

Current Long Run: 8 glorious outdoor miles on my favorite trail. I didn’t even mind that it was 38 degrees, overcast and inclusive of 25mph winds.

Current Pace: Around 9 minute/miles for indoor runs and 8:30 for outdoor miles.

Training For: Cherry Blossom 10 miler. 20 days to go!

Best Running Moment From the Past Week: During yesterday’s long run I met two really inspiring people. The first was at mile 3. He was a fast runner who I somehow caught up to. He said “wow you’re really fast!” which totally motivated me and put an extra pep in my stride. We ended up running a mile together during which he told me he’s 51, training for a marathon and will keep running until he qualifies and runs Boston. Holy inspiration! At mile 6.5 there’s an enormous hill in the middle of the 4 mile incline. As I was running up it I started to pass a man with snow white hair. He looked over at me and started to pick up his pace so we ended up running together. Then he said “I’ll race you to the top!” and he took off! He’ll be 75 in 2 days and was still a solid runner. We stayed in stride and when we got to the top he said “I yield to you”. He ended up catching back up to me before he split off the trail but that man was an animal! He pushed me to push myself and left me feeling grateful once again for my sport: for the ability to run, for the privilege to train and race and for the amazingness of the running community that words can’t quite describe.



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